​Anker SoundCore 2: Bluetooth Speaker Review

Posted on 31 August 2017 Tags: Bluetooth, Entertainment, Feature

​Battery life is a constant concern for many gadgets nowadays. Recharging seems like a nuisance because for that brief moment when you have to sit in one place trying to use your device awkwardly. That issue is no longer prominent in the area of portable speakers with the arrival of the Anker SoundCore 2. The speaker hit several headlines as well as had many great reviews online because of its 24-hour battery life.

Many customers were satisfied because they did not have to worry about recharging their speakers again and again. That allows more time to enjoy the music and lesser worrying of the battery running out.

Along with that, the company added a bigger bass that has a 24-hour playback session. That way you can enjoy the music without any unnecessary stops in the middle of your playlist. The Bluetooth has a surprising 66 feet range, and that means it is quite possible to play music from almost anywhere in your house. Even while you’re cooking or taking outside, you can play your favorite music seamlessly.

The speaker has an amazing sound system. By using two 6W drivers, the portable speakers has loud sounds that are audible outside of a closed room. Many music types have different highs and lows, and in that case, this speaker’s incredible BassUp technology plays them crystal clear. Overall, Anker promises that the battery can last up to 500 songs with a 4-minute playback. That’s quite impressive considering the speaker has no external power source except for its battery. The speakers are a smart purchase for anyone looking for durability, powerful sounds, and a long-lasting battery.

You don’t have to pay through the nose and at the same time, get the sound quality and features you would expect from a high-end model. In other words, you should definitely consider purchasing this speaker.

Photo by: Anker

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