​Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Phone (Arctic Silver)

Posted on 21 August 2017 Tags: Mobile Phones, smart phones

​Last year’s Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was not really up to the customer standards. Many people debated online over the battery-burning smartphone that had no new features. Samsung faced stiff competition from the new iPhone and other smartphones, which is why the designers had to go back to the drawing board and find a way to meet customer demands.

The new Samsun Galaxy Note 8 brought with it just the amount of creativity that was needed. With curved shoulders and two rear cameras along with a glossy finish, the Note 8 stands a fighting chance. The 6.3-inch screen and the wireless charging make the phone one of the most advanced of its time. The wireless technology is still in the working and Samsung immediately showcasing a smart phone with the feature gives it the modern edge it needs in the market. The similarities include the same water resistance and stylus features. Except for a few new basic options, the stylus pretty much does the same work as the previous Samsun Galaxy Note editions.

The twin cameras are really what the fuss is about in online tech communities. Samsung’s new smart phone brings a new definition to the iPhone’s portrait mode with better quality pictures. Samsung also made sure that they do not repeat the mistake of last year and have added an efficient battery that lasts longer. Customers are amazed at how well the battery works considering it is a high-powered smart phone. In no time, Samsung’s leading smart phone will flock the market with millions of buyers. However, the only problem is the competition it faces. The Google pixel 2 and the LGV30 smart phones are in line with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, and it would require some serious marketing efforts to get customers on either side.

Photo by: Samsung

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