Eero Home WiFi System: From the window to the wall

Posted on 02 August 2017 Tags: Home & Office, Networking

We live in an era of digital innovation and wireless connectivity. Staying digitally connected has become an integral part of our daily lives – both in professional and personal capacity. Well, with the Eero Home WiFi system, things have just gotten a little easier. Eero is a powerful and easily integratabtle wifi device that seamlessly works in every single area of your house. Cutting-edge Eero Beacons blanket your entire house with ultra-fast WiFi.

These beacons are wirelessly connected to each other to form a WiFi mesh, which ensures you have uniform connection throughout your house. Say goodbye to blind spots because with the Eero WiFi system, you will have a connection in every corner of your house, including the yard.

An Eero and two beacons are a good combination for most homes, however, you can add as many beacons as you want to enhance the effectiveness of the mesh. This is a feature unique to Eero. Most WiFi systems have a limited number of beacons that can be added to the system.

There are some subtle features of the Eero home system that makes it a good deice to have, such as the option to locate a connected device and easy installation with regular automatic updates.

The Eero system provides its users a great WiFi experience in which multiple members of a family can use it simultaneously without having to worry about their location or a substantial drop in internet speeds. However, this does not justify the fact that the Eero system is almost twice as expensive as its counterparts from renowned companies like Google.

The system comes with a modem and three beacons, one of which is connected to the Eero and the other two kept in different places in the house. The set is available for $500, which is absurd compared to the price of Google WiFi, a similar system that can be bought in under $200. While the Eero does have some nice features, they are not enough to justify its price, which is why you’re better off getting one of its less expensive counterparts.

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