OnePlus 5 Phone with Dual Camera Review

Posted on 14 July 2017 Tags: Feature, Mobile Phones, smart phones

The message that the OnePlus propagates is that of a phone that despite being less costly than its competitors, it provides all, if not more, of the services that other flagship phones provide. OnePlus implies special significance on its design and camera, two essential requirements in any phone that hopes to be a successful product and capture markets worldwide.

OnePlus, like other popular brands, uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, which is also used in phones such as the S8, Sony Xperia ZX Premium, Motorola Moto Z2 and multiple other flagship phones from well-known companies. The finger print scanner is virtually the same as in other phones; its sensitivity and method of working have minute, negligible differences, which you won’t even feel unless you’re a complete tech junkie.

The OnePlus 5, their flagship phone, is one that is booming worldwide. The features it provides at its price are unbelievable- literally; most people wouldn’t believe you if you told them what the OnePlus 5 offers. When we talk about its screen resolution, we will find that it is 1080p. While other phones have a 2K display, the difference between the two kinds of resolutions is insignificant to say the least, although this only applies to screens of this size.

The design of the OnePlus 5 is, by and large, similar to the traditional smart phone approach i.e. rounded edges, a pill-shaped camera bump and a set of 2x cameras on the top left side of the back. OnePlus 5 operates on Oxygen OS, which is unique to the phone and has just enough differences from Android to justify its existence.

Other Features:
o 3300 mAh battery
o Dual-lens 16 MP and 20 MP rear camera
o 16 MP front camera
o 8 GB RAM
o Size= 5.5 inches

At a price of around 500 Euros, it is the cheapest phone amongst flagship phones of well-known brands, an original smartphone that provides the ultimate camera experience. No wonder it is giving major market-holders a run for their money.

Photo by: OnePlus

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