Endless Mission One: Unique Computer and OS

Posted on 30 March 2017 Tags: Computers, Feature

The Endless Mission One is a completely different computer that is not only different in shape but also runs on the company’s own Linux-based operating system, Endless OS. The $250 PC uses the Endless OS operating system to get an edge over other PC manufacturers. The Endless Mission One is the company’s latest and most advanced computer, which is powered by an Intel Celeron. Compared to its predecessor, the Endless Mission One is a lot more expensive but almost worth it all.

The gorgeous wood finish gives the PC an eye-catching look and allows you to keep it anywhere, as it would only help add to the beauty. The casing is made of white acrylic and bamboo, which also makes the PC strong and durable. You can choose between the two variants of the Endless Mission One – one with 500 GB of storage and one with 320GB.

The expensive looking cheap computer packs:
o 500GB HDD
o 2GB of DDR3 RAM
o Bluetooth
o A 3.5mm audio jack
o VGA out
o Intel Celeron N2807
o HDMI out
o Ethernet
o 2 USB 2.0 ports
o 802.11n Wi-Fi

The Endless OS is a completely new operating system, which was built from scratch and has only been used in Endless’ products. Several modifications and advanced technology was used to build this OS that is based on Linux. Moreover, it is not the final version as Endless is already working on making it better and faster.

Endless OS also comes with a wide range of pre-installed educational and reference content so you might not have to visit Wikipedia e now and then.

It is a wonderful piece of hardware and probably the most eye-catching desktop PC available today. It is capable of fulfilling your needs for a PC as it offers you more or less the same things but in a delightful manner. It would also be best for children as it come packed with educational stuff too.

Photo courtesy: Endless

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