B&O Play Beolit 17: Powerful Bluetooth Speaker

Posted on 22 March 2017 Tags: Bluetooth, Entertainment

The lunch box shaped Beolit 17 is the latest and upgraded version of B&O Play’s portable speakers. Although this third gen speaker is much more powerful and comes with a couple of new features, the shape and looks are pretty much the same as the previous gens. The Beolit 17 features a new USB-C port with a 5 volt 3 amp charger for a fast and an efficient charging so now you don’t have to wait for hours for you speaker to charge before you take it out.

Bang & Olufsen has also come up with an additional button, which can be customized using the Beoplay app for different functions such as an alarm clock switch, a direct play button for a specific song etc. Apart from the additional button, B&O has also managed to upgrade the Bluetooth for better connectivity and an enhanced sound quality.

The B&O Play Beolit 17 features the signature leather strap along with the aluminum and plastic design. Strangely, Beolit 17 has given a lot of competition to none other but its own predecessor Beolit 15 in terms of pricing as the old gen is still up for sale and will cost you $100 more.

The Beolit 17, measuring 18.9cm by13.5cm by 3.0cm, weighs 2.6 kg and is a cuboid shaped portable Bluetooth speaker, which comes with a battery powerful enough to last for a day. Unlike the previous gen, the Beolit does not feature the cable tray hence making more space and producing better bass quality. In addition, the speakers all around the cabinet give you a 360 sound. The top of the player is made of polymer and with buttons on one side giving it a clean and simple look, and making it simple to use in the process.

You can also use an auxiliary cable to play your favorite songs on the Beolit 17 while your phone rests on the ”tray” on the top.

Photo courtesy: B&O Play

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