Plume Adaptive Wi-Fi System

Posted on 19 December 2016 Tags: Feature, Home & Office, Networking

Instead of using three or four medium-sized pieces of hardware for a Wi-Fi system, Plume has brought an effective solution effective solution, which involves the use of small-sized hardware for separate rooms. It is the world’s first self-optimizing Wi-Fi network driven by cloud technology that acclimatizes with your home in the shortest of time so that every room can have a super fast connection.

Plume Adaptive Wi-Fi System’s technology helps Wi-Fi signals travel fast and well through walls by making use of a distributed system of certain points to travel to each corner, nook and cranny of your house. This means that traveling from one room to another will not have even the slightest interruption in your Wi-Fi experience. Since conventional mesh systems utilize a backhaul channel, every skip between source points breaks the capacity of the network by the number of skips taken for data delivery. Plume Adaptive Wi-Fi System uses a different band or medium for every skip, retaining the fast speed of your Wi-Fi.

Another good feature of the Plume Adaptive Wi-Fi System pods is that they can be plugged into any wall outlet, making your walls clutter free. Furthermore, they are small and hence occupy less space and do not block the neighboring plug space. Regardless of whether you reside in a 3-story house or an urban loft, deciding upon the use of right Plume plod is as simple as summing the total number of rooms in your house (5 rooms = 5 pods).

The setup literally takes two minutes, and offers uninterruptible connection coupled with optimized dataflow. Therefore, whether you are downloading a 5K video or just trying to make a Skype call, Plume Adaptive Wi-Fi System knows how to manage various kinds of traffic to provide an uninterrupted, smooth internet experience. Putting it simply, Plume offers more bandwidth, more coverage and more data intelligence at a highly reasonable price.

Photo by: Plume

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