Sony LSPX-100E26J Review

Posted on 29 January 2016 Tags: Crazy Gadgets, Entertainment, Feature, Seriously, WTF?

Unbeknownst to many, Sony has been working on a unique project, which is an innovative product – a smart bulb. Not impressed yet? Well, it’s not a conventional LED light bulb; rather it includes a Bluetooth speaker! Other companies have previously designed products with a light and sound combo, but Sony has tried to set a new benchmark.

For the ones who love music, they can’t afford a sound system in every room and even if they can, it’s not a practical approach to have speakers all around the house. Sony looked deep into this matter and devised a plan to create a light bulb that plays music. This idea in itself is commendable! Although other companies have introduced such ideas in a different manner, Sony differs with the fact that their invention looks like a classic light bulb, which is quite fascinating.

The LED light bulb (Sony LSPX-100E26J) has a built-in Bluetooth speaker with standard Bluetooth communication method. The speaker is paired up with an app called SongPal via Bluetooth. It has a wide light distribution. The light bulb speaker is provided with a remote control, which includes settings for audio output to set the volume and to adjust the brightness of the light bulb as required.

Bottom line
This bulb lightens the mood of people more than its lighting effect does. It’s a cool thing to have at home. You may easily decorate your dining table with these cute little bulbs or have them mounted at different places all around the house.

Once you get hold of how you can use this innovative creation and understand its features properly, you will quite simply be able to stream music and listen to your favorite songs via the Sony LSPX Light Bulb.

All in all, it is a great gadget to have in terms of practicality and simplicity of usage.

Photo: Instagram/Sony

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