Parrot Zik 3.0 Bluetooth Headphone Review

Posted on 25 January 2016 Tags: Entertainment, Feature

After the success of Zik 2.0, French company Parrot introduces a brand new iteration; the all new Parrot Zik 3.0 Bluetooth headphone. It is a further improved version of Zik 2.0 and includes new high technology features which are pretty remarkable. The makers claim that Zik 3.0 is the evolution.

Parrot has come up with magnificent features, with a wonderful battery life of up to 18 hours. Zik 3.0 enables wireless charging, overwhelming sound effects and a great USB audio availability, which surpasses the quality levels of a CD. Digital 32-bit audio processing is provided to ensure intensity and profundity. It is designed with a powerful processor, which is well-suited for several different listening environments.

For smartphones, the Parrot Zik 3.0 Bluetooth headphone is by far the best. It is compatible with all smartphone brands and also with most of the smart watches available in the market, so one can select playlists on their watch and listen to their favorite songs on the headphones while having a morning jog.

These Bluetooth headphones are totally the need of the day with its innovative and comfortable design and superior sound quality. Zik 3.0 has beautiful textures, which are a cool combination – that too incorporated with the croco effect available in different colors and the headband has been modified to boost your comfort levels.

The Parrot Zik 3.0 has a smart touch control panel on the right ear piece, which allows users to change the volume and switch tracks and playlists. One of the cooler features of these headphones is its automatic noise canceling, which can be adapted to be used in any kind of environment.

Parrot’s Zik 3.0 Bluetooth headphones have some really awesome added features. The look and feel is distinctive and attractive altogether. On top of that the manufacturers have also included a wireless charging feature as its unique selling point. So, it’s really something worth buying!

Photo: courtesy Parrot

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