Leica’s Slick New Waterproof Camera X-U

Posted on 22 January 2016 Tags: Digital Cameras, Feature

Leica is known for its costly products; however, this year it brought a sleek new water proof camera. So, that is good news for people who absolutely enjoy underwater photography and filming. Plus, the camera really makes it easy to, especially because of the fact that you don’t have to worry about handling the camera with care.

And the incredible thing about this camera is not that it is easy to use and highly durable, but the fact that it is cost-effective.
This fixed lens shooter is inexpensive as well as dustproof. The price range is less than $3000 so still you have to be pretty rich to buy one or have to be some kind of crazy. But at least it is cheaper than other waterproof “DSLRs” in the market.

The new X-U works fine 50 feet deep inside water and is constructed with shock resistant materials. It comes with a fixed 23mm focal length lens, which is an equivalent to 35mm due to the crop factor 1.5x.These are technical features. Though it has no 4k features, but it can capture sharp images and shoot high definition films with a 1080p resolution. It has a 6.5-megapixel APS-C sensor with f/ 1.7 aperture -good for low-light photography.

Co-Designed with Audi:
The body is made of aluminum and is protected with thermoplastic rubber. The flash is located on top of the lens barrel. Plus, there are other pretty handy options given as well and all are simple to get used to, so that camera is quite user-friendly.

Another incredible thing about the camera is the fact that it is made in collaboration with Audi designs. The 5inch display screen is protected by the cover for underwater programming. The shutter and aperture dials are located on the top for adjusting exposures.
For underwater photography or video making, you can easily switch between the two.

All in all, apart from its attractive and user-friendly features, the fact that Leica has decided to market this new product at less than it usually does, should not be taken for granted.

Photo: courtesy Leica

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