Sony STR-DN 1070 Review

Posted on 20 January 2016 Tags: Feature, Home Entertainment Gadgets

As soon as Sony announced its latest STR-DN 1070, which came second in line consecutively after the first one that was introduced last year, Sony STR fans had quite a lot of expectations for something new and better coming their way this time; as the company is introducing a new audio functionality to their speakers.

This is supposed to be a multichannel receiver for home theaters, which can be used for surround sound or a separate unit. Admittedly, there is nothing special about the STR compared to its predecessor, the STR-DN 1060.

It has awesome built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, which offers a plus point; with a good number of different streaming options. It also offers 7.1 channels. The Spotify connect works well. It’s different and much faster than a typical Bluetooth audio style with its specially designed LDAC circuitry.

The coolest thing is its high resolution audio, which has its own variations. But predominantly, almost all the features are same as the STR-DN 1060, including its six HDMI inputs and equivalent wireless options that were previously available.

A closer look into STR-DN1070
Sony’s STR-DN1070 series does seem to be attracting a lot of consumer, but it is safe to that Sony does tend to lack a bit of innovation. For this new AV receiver to sell, they haven’t focused on enough exciting features for STR-DN 1050 or STR-DN 1060 fans to be utterly delighted.

Although it has all the amazing features that a good AV receiver should have, Sony seems to be lagging behind with the fact that their competitors are offering pretty much the same stuff at cheaper prices. For anyone who hasn’t already got any of Sony’s old AV receivers, they may have an inclination towards this product, as this maybe a new experience for them altogether.

Photo: courtesy Sony

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