LG Smart ThinQ Hub Review

Posted on 06 January 2016 Tags: Crazy Gadgets, Feature, Home & Office, Kitchen Gadgets

LG and Samsung have quite a rivalry going on. First Samsung introduced its Smart Things and now LG has its very own Smart ThinQ Hub. The metallic cylinder looks like small metallic cylinder and accompanies a pair of speakers so that you can listen to music while working around the house, to top it all off it also has a wide 3.5 inch LCD display that allows you to monitor notifications as you are on the go.

The Good
On the upside, the LG Smart ThinQ Hub allows you to connect various home appliances and pretty much acts like a personal assistant, monitoring and displaying reminders from your personal calendars all the while streaming music from its in build speakers, allowing you to listen to various tunes from iHeartRadio or other Bluetooth enabled devices.

The LG Smart ThinQ Hub makes your life easier by collecting information from all your home appliances such as your refrigerators, cleaners and dishwasher. This allows the user an added advantage to control home appliances via a single device instead of opting for a separate Smartphone app for each home appliance.

The Bad
The device has plenty of similarities to Amazon’s Echo and is pretty much a copy of the product including the similar cylindrical design and the inbuilt speakers.

Bottom Line
The LG Smart ThinQ Hub is available in gorgeous color schemes of Champagne Gold and Black and allows you to take control over all your home appliances. In addition, the LG Smart ThinQ Hub adds convenience to your life and will result in better savings.

The thoughtfully designed product is ideal for users who are always on the go and do not have time to check up on home much, however other users may find the device to be unnecessary and overpriced.

Photo: Courtesy LG

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