Meizu MX4 Ubuntu: Potentially Revolutionary Handset

Posted on 21 August 2015 Tags: Feature, Mobile Phones, smart phones

The Meizu MX4 Ubuntu has considerable potential, but it doesn’t have what it takes users to switch from iOS or Android either.

The Hardware Side
o After its less successful predecessor, Meizu MX4 has been released with its own signature software. The Meizu MX4 is released as a means to entice new users looking for a different operating system. The exterior design feels similar to iPhone 6 (read rip-off). The home button remains dormant regardless of pressing/not pressing.
o The body is made from aluminum with a matte back cover, weighing 147 grams. The gorilla glass keeps the screen from scratches.
o The screen size is 5.36-inch LCD display working at 1920×1152 resolutions. The hardware specifications include:
o 2 GB RAM
o 3100 mAh battery
o 6595 Octa-core processor
o 16/32/64 GB storage
o It even has 4G facility along with Wi-Fi.
o The back camera is a 20.7 MP manufactured by Sony and is 4K video capable. The photos taken from this phone are just as impressive as its operating system.
o The camera application of the phone feels similar to Google’s camera application. Options include time, HDR, shot composition and high-low-medium settings.
o The video quality didn’t impress at all. Clearly, video isn’t Meizu MX4’s strong point.

The Software Side
o Equipped with powerful specifications, Ubuntu phone avoids the iOS and Android version. Its operating system is new but has potential. It introduces its own layout, calling it ‘Scopes’, taking info from different services and makes them reachable.

o Interesting results are observed when the user has to browse a few screens to look for the exact application.
o The interface is quite fast and responsive, yet takes time to adjust. At its core, the phone is equipped with amazing hardware specifications. Moreover, there is no home screen button, leaving users stranded.
o The Ubuntu Phone is riddled with bugs on the inside. The websites and apps don’t open up nice and tidy. Volume control lags the phone down. When taking a screenshot, when you press both volume buttons, the volume sign shows up.
o Applications are greatly limited on Ubuntu as of yet. No email app exists yet while the Gmail app doesn’t work properly.

The phone still needs massive work. The users would be frustrated at the limitations imposed on them along with unstable software. For existing users of Ubuntu, wait it out and invest in an Android phone for the time being.

Photo courtesy: Meizu

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