Vizio M Series: Affordable 4K?

Posted on 17 August 2015 Tags: Feature, Hi-Def

Priced at $1,498, the Vizio M is one of the least expensive 4K televisions currently in the market but performance wise, it can compete with more expensive TVs. Even though the design of the TV Is beautiful, it is still not striking and neither distinctive enough and with a poorly chosen color (silver matte), it will not look much different from any other 4K television. However, when it comes to performance, the TV is a beast.

Its picture quality is amazing, perhaps the best in its price range, and the images are sharp and vivid. Thanks to its full-array local dimming, it delivers deep black level and incredible color contrasts. The color accuracy is superb and so is video processing. The TV also boasts a remarkable connectivity, with five 4K-compatible HDMI inputs!

Do not expect too much though, as the low price comes with less fancy add-ons being available. It does not have HDR support neither 3D features nor a not so premium look. It also lacks a curved screen, which, depending on the preference of the viewer, can be a blessing or a drawback. The topside of the remote that comes with is it is subpar, with no backlighting, little key differentiation, and a confusing key arrangement. However, the downside is sure to impress with a fully backlit QWERTY keyboard featuring dedication keys.

The Vizio M series TVs are some of the best options to consider when it comes to value for money and are recommended for anyone looking to buy a 4K television and do not mind the lack of features as despite its minor quirks , it delivers quality that few other within a similar price range can even dream of.

o Design : 7
o Features: 7
o Performance: 9
o Value : 9
o Overall: 8

Note: there are a few minor differences among the models but are subtle enough to not be worth mentioning.

Photo courtesy: Vizio

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