Polaroid Zip: a Petite Printer for Your Pocket

Posted on 12 August 2015 Tags: Crazy Gadgets, Feature, Mobile Gizmos

Resembling a portable hard drive and slightly bigger than a deck of playing cards comes a package for your pocket that will turn your digital photos in your smartphone into printed pictures you can actually hold on to. The Polaroid Zip, weighing at a meager 186 grams, is a portable printer that you can fit in your pocket and take out to print pictures when the need arises.

The pocket-printer can connect to any iOS or Android device through Bluetooth and start printing pictures using a free app available on respective app stores. Connecting the Polaroid Zip to your smartphone or tablet is pretty easy and is a simple task of going into your iOS Bluetooth settings and selecting the printer. You can take advantage of NFC on your Android device as well and simply tap device with your NFC-activated Android device and get printing.

The device sports one button on its plastic body and one micro-USB port for charging purposes. The design is pretty attractive, although the Polaroid’s body can be prone to scratches and smudgy fingerprints, so it is advisable to carry the device in a pouch or a case. The product can print 25 pictures on one charge, after which you can easily take the top off and load the device with more paper.

With Polaroid’s zero-ink technology, there’s no need for ink to print the photos, since the special Zink paper takes care of the business side of the things. Since there is no ink involved, the prints are dry and smudge-proof. The lack of the use of ink also makes the device a not-so-expensive device after it has been purchased, and the only cost you will have to worry about is the Zink papers, which cost about $25 for a 100-sheet pack.

For a price of $129.99, the Polaroid Zip is a cheap printer for your pocket that will turn your favorite pictures into 2×3 inch colorful prints. And although the resulting pictures may not be of the highest quality, the simple to use and low-costing Polaroid Zip is a fun device that will take the load of your smartphone by giving your physical pictures in your hands!

Photo courtesy: Polaroid

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