Apple iPhone 6 Plus: the iPhone Gets Bigger

Posted on 17 June 2015 Tags: Apple, Feature, iPhone

While the iPhone 6 carried a 4.7-inch screen, the iPhone 6 Plus will satisfy customers seeking a bigger display, which is common in Android phones. It carries Apple’s newest OS, iOS 8.2, including Apple Pay. The iPhone 6 Plus has a fantastic camera, user-friendly OS and a beautiful design.

The price of the iPhone 6 Plus depends on the storage capacity you opt for. Here are the three options you can select from:
o $299 for 16 GB
o $349 for 64 GB
o $449 for 128 GB

Physical Features
o The phone sports a 5.5-inch screen, which is a significant increase in length on the iPhone 6
o The phone weighs 172 grams, slightly less Samsung Galaxy Note 4.
o The iPhone 6 Plus feels better to use as it slides in the hand comfortably compared to the industrial feel of the iPhone 5.
o Like its predecessors, it’s made from matte aluminum. It lacks the charm and uniqueness of the previous models and features certain elements reminiscent of HTC One and Nokia Lumia.
o Existing iPhone users will have to adjust get used to the lock/ power button on the right. The sound control buttons are on the left while the 3.5mm headphone slot is at the bottom.
o The iPhone 6 Plus is unlocked by Touch ID, which is faster as compared to face and fingerprint detection features on other handsets. You can use fingerprints on iTunes and any other apps.

Landscape Mode
A software add-on exclusively for the iPhone 6 Plus is the landscape mode. When you hold the phone sideways, the messages appear in one column and the content in the other.

The iPhone 6 Plus boasts an 8MP rear camera with image stabilization. Images are as sharp as a razor. Videos remain crystal-clear, regardless of shaking and moving. Videos and photos are shot at 1080p. Autofocus comes into play in both cases of video and camera. Photos are colorful and sharp.

Photo courtesy: Apple

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