Preview: Netgear Arlo Smart Home Security Kit

Posted on 25 February 2015 Tags: Feature, Home & Office

Have the best quality indoor/outdoor home security with Netgear Arlo’s Security Camera. The device offers you a security mechanism that can be compared with highly secured places such as a bank. The device comes at an affordable price. Mentioned below are its details regarding the design and features:

The camera comes in a white color and is almost the size of a palm. It can be easily carried in a pouch and due to its compatible spherical design it can be easily placed at locations of your choice, such as ceilings.

Features and Specifications
This security device allows you to have a stunningly clear vision of your setting. It has HD cameras that can give you live stream on your tablet or smartphone. Just use Arlo’s free app to activate the cameras on your smart devices. The device works impeccably on computers as well. You also get the option of recording security videos.

Arlo’s security camera system comes with a complete wire free design along with magnetic mounts that allows you to easily place the camera anywhere you want. The camera also has the option of night vision with High Definition clarity, allowing to record videos in dark and low light settings. The option of customizable activity alerts is designed to assist you in providing quick alerts in case of any emergency.

The system’s motion activated cameras are designed to pick up even the slightest of disturbances often undetected by common security devices. This means that nothing can hide from the camera, no matter how small or subtle.

The security system is weather proof and can be placed at both indoor and outdoor settings. It is easy to install and can be placed by any amateur without having any complications. Just follow the guidelines and you will have no problems in installing it.

All in all, the security system is an ideal choice for the average home owner. It comes with so many security options at an affordable price, thus making security more affordable for the general property owner.

Image credit: Arlo

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