Preview: SkyBell Video Doorbell

Posted on 23 February 2015 Tags: Feature, Home & Office

Skybell delivers you the all new Wi-Fi Video Doorbell. This device is the version 2.0 and includes many improvements such as better Wi-Fi performance, refined camera, more memory and motion sensor capabilities. This latest doorbell replaces the age-old model of doorbell commonly used in homes and allows the home owners to remotely answer their doors via their smartphones. SkyBell Video Doorbell is easy to use, simple to set up and is directly connected with the company’s server that is designed to assist the customer in alerting them whenever they have a visitor. The bell allows you to see who is at the door without with the visitor being completely oblivious of the fact. You can also perform a 2-way verbal communication with the visitors.

The bell is round in shape. It is almost the size of a thumb and comes in silver color. Its size makes it compact so you can place it at almost any setting of your choice.

Features and Specifications
The bell consists of exclusive “On-Demand” features that will let you know who is at the door via video feed. The bell also has the option of night vision, silent doorbell mode, wide-angle camera and plastic exterior to make the best use of Wi-Fi performance. The bell is waterproof and therefore can be easily used at an outside setting at any weather. If you are interested in buying this bell then you should be aware of the fact that the bell is not compatible with T-Mobile’s Samsung Phones, though the bell works well with almost all the other smartphones. Skybell also provides a 640×480 video imagery. It has a wired-only setup, but lacks the option of an activity log. The users are also provided a tutorial video that will assist them in almost all of their issues regarding the installation and use of the equipment.

The Skybell Video Doorbell is an excellent choice for home owners of all categories. Whether you are single, married or living with family, the door bell is designed to make your life simple. Due to its exclusive features, you will be able to easily keep a check on your visitors, thus allowing better safety and protection for yourself and for your residence.

Photo credit: Skybell

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