Typo 2 for IPhone 6: a Physical Keyboard for the IPhone

Posted on 16 December 2014 Tags: Apple, Feature, iPhone, Mobile Gizmos

iPhone owners, who covet a physical keyboard to accompany their powerful device, can finally breathe an air of joy. The Typo 2 for iPhone6 is a case for the smartphone that adds a physical keyboard to the touch screen device. The keyboard suspiciously resembles the one found on BlackBerry devices, but it nevertheless makes typing long messages and e-mails on your iPhone a tad easier.

The case is a successor to the Typo keyboard, and improves the functionality of the phone but has some trade-offs that iPhone users will have to face. The case renders the TouchID of the iPhone 6 useless by hiding it behind the face of the keyboard. Users who are prone to accessing their devices using the TouchID on their Home Buttons won’t be too happy about this, but it’s a trade-off they will have to make should they choose the Typo 2.

The case charges separately from the iPhone via a MicroUSB port provided on the left side of the casing, and a full charge can give your casing almost 7 to 10 days of use. It is in no way connected to the phone except via Bluetooth, which enables the use of the physical keyboard instead of the virtual keyboard the iPhone offers. Users will just need to slide their iPhones into the case and once locked in, it adds a slight thickness to the slim body of the smartphone, as is expected of any case you strap to your iPhone.

Having four extra rows of keys to your iPhone also adds an inch to the length of the device and puts in at par with its bigger brother, the iPhone 6 Plus. Access to the earphone jack and charging port are allowed through the holes provided in the case.

The Typo 2 keyboard case for iPhone 6 is no doubt a brilliant accessory for your phone but its success solely depends on users who crave a physical keyboard for their otherwise brilliant phone. The case will cost $99 but adds a solid keyboard to increase your productivity. However, many users will be disappointed about losing the TouchID feature and may have to forego the nifty case.

Photo courtesy: TypoKeyboards

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