Peri Duo for iPhone: Portable Speakers and Battery Charger in One Small Package

Posted on 12 December 2014 Tags: Feature, iPhone

If you are a forgetful person who always manages to leave behind their speakers when going to a party, then Peri Duo will solve your problem once and for all. Carrying speakers with your iPhone was never your dream anyways, and it mostly made you look stupid and awkward, having to carry your 5.1-channel speakers and hooking it to a small phone.

Peri Duo is a smartphone case cum speaker which will leave you not bothered about carrying your portable speakers with you since these provide you with the most portability one can ask for when it comes to iPhone speakers. Not only that, but the case also provides you with a battery charger, all combined in one crafty case. Having a battery case that charges your phone and doubles as your speaker is something iPhone users are going to love.

It may sound like an over the top concept that is doomed to fail, but the creators of Peri Duo argue that the case provides some of the best speakers in the size range. They are high power speakers that will perform audibly even in rooms that are full of people and bustling with random sounds and noises. The case can also be used separately from the iPhone via the AirPlay function on iPhone for almost 4 hours without needing to be recharged.

The battery will provide more than 100% of battery power to different versions of the iPhone. For example, the iPhone 5/5s can be charged almost 160% more than its original battery. The Peri Duo can also let you stream music to other cases who are in proximity of 100 feet on a peer-to-peer Wi-Fi without the need of a local network.

Peri Duo is definitely a case you may consider buying when it is released in April of 2015 if you keep running out of battery occasionally, and if you are a fan of loud music. You won’t have to a buy a battery case and portable speakers separately, so spending $139 seems like a bargain.

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