Samsung Galaxy K Zoom: Smartphone With a Powerful 10x Optical Zoom

Posted on 25 June 2014 Tags: Feature, Mobile Gizmos

Samsung has launched yet another smartphone and like always it offers something unique: Samsung Galaxy K Zoom. This latest model in the Samsung line is a treat for the users. Its 10x optical zoom camera gives users the leverage to capture the subtlest details in an image.

The design of Samsung Galaxy K Zoom is typical of standard Samsung models. While it retains the same trademark sleek design of Samsung, the overall size of the smartphone might be too big for your pocket. The mobile is 20.2mm thick and weighs 200g which could make it difficult for you to carry it around. The lens is protruded at the rear of the phone which makes it appear more like a camera, while its front display panel gives it the typical look of a Samsung Galaxy model.

The Samsung Galaxy K Zoom features a 207-megapixel camera integrated with CMOS sensor which makes it more powerful than the Samsung Galaxy S5. Its powerful 10x optical zoom gets up and close to the target object and produces a hi-definition image. Unlike conventional Galaxy camera phones, the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom uses its rotating optical zoom to accentuate the subtle details of an image. Its 240mm telephoto lens is powerful enough to capture any object within a considerable distance.

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom is without a doubt a much better option than the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom. The phone uses a six-core processor and Android KitKat operating system. Its 720p display, however, is a little disappointing for the users.

The Samsung Galaxy K Zoom uses a 2430mAh battery which can provide uninterrupted standby power for up to 10 hours. This gives it an edge over its predecessor, the Galaxy S5. On a full charge, Samsung Galaxy K Zoom can supply backup power for up to 700 pictures.

The Samsung Galaxy K Zoom is definitely a smartphone for camera lovers. The 10x optical lens is the USP of this exclusive smartphone which makes it worthy of a purchase.

Photo credit: Samsung

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