Windows Phone 8.1 – Microsoft Reinventing Itself

Posted on 27 May 2014 Tags: Microsoft, Mobile Gizmos

Microsoft has been immersed in its attempt to penetrate the smartphone market against competing giants like Apple and Samsung. It is also worth noting that Nokia had been acquired by Microsoft as well, providing the latter with the platform that it had always wanted. Previously, Windows phones were not able to compete with other smartphones. However, in recent times, trends have changed and people are more than happy to consider a Windows phone to suit their needs. The windows platform is quite diversified and, in terms of functionality, is quite different from how Android or iOS functions.

The Outlook
The recent introduction of Windows 8.1 has shown that Microsoft is taking interest in its consumers. It is the biggest effort to bring the smartphone OS in line with its competitors. The operating system not only feels unified, but is more powerful and singular in nature. The already existent Microsoft-based apps are also sure to balance out the difficult aspects of human-tech synchronization and connectivity.

In addition to the apps, the OS is powered by Bing and offers an improved Xbox Music and better Wallet services. The system is also designed to ensure auto connectivity, interactivity and control all with little to no hassle.

Enhanced Functionalities
The system has taken advantage of the A.I “Cortana”. The advanced mechanics and dynamics of the program are breathtaking. Apart from its basic functionality, the OS is versed in characterizing your traits, hobbies and preferences and incorporating them effectively for improved functionality.

The notification center allows for quick and easy access to normally used options. The design and look is also quite user friendly;even a child could pick such a phone up and in a matter of minutes be able to operate it flawlessly. Besides, the home screen can be manipulated into accessing more files and apps, which is definitely a plus.

Overall, Windows 8.1 can be considered as a successful approach as Microsoft attempts to reinvent itself without having to start from scratch.

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