The Cheap and Cheerful Oontz Curve

Posted on 24 January 2014 Tags: Bluetooth, Entertainment, MP3

Most Bluetooth speakers available in the market are quite large. This makes it rather difficult to carry them around. As for the smaller ones, they don’t provide the same sound quality and are extremely pricey. The company Cambridge SoundWorks has introduced a great new Bluetooth speaker that is compact, has good sound quality and is quite affordable. This speaker is the Oontz Curve. It has a practical and appealing design. Let’s look at what the Cambridge SoundWorks Oontz Curve has to offer.

An amazing aspect of the Oontz Curve is its size. It is the smallest Bluetooth speaker manufactured by the company. It is perfect for those who do not enjoy having to carry large Bluetooth speakers. The speaker is quite heavy for its size. However, the weight suggests that the Oontz Curve has a sturdy built. The speaker weighs nine ounces. Larger Bluetooth speaker weigh around five to six ounces. The shiny finish of the Oontz Curve looks great.

The sound quality of the Oontz Curve is quite decent for its size. While the tiny speaker does distort sounds at extremely high volumes, this is only the case if the quality of the song is low. High quality audio files play extremely well. Since it just has a single speaker which is a drive, it doesn’t play the bass in certain songs. But the price of the Oontz Curve is definitely worth it.

The Oontz Curve has track control buttons on the speaker itself. This way you can just pair your phone to the speaker and control the playlist from the Oontz Curve itself. Built-in controls make it a pleasure to use. The best aspect of the speaker is its price of just $29.99. Considering the price and the sound quality that it offers, the Oontz Curve is a must have.

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