Galaxy S4 Shipment Reaches 6 Million

Posted on 23 May 2013 Tags: Are You Kidding, Seriously, WTF?

The Korean giant, Samsung has been one of the top leading brands in electronic items among many others. The company itself has a team of qualified and experienced professionals who are always engaged in brainstorming bringing out new and innovative new gadgets. Samsung has also captured the telecommunication market with its continuous release of many mobile phones while integrating them with the latest Android OS. The Android OS has found its way in many electronic devices and it’ll not be wrong to say that every other gadget is integrated with it.

Galaxy, which is the title given to the batch of Samsung smartphones has become so prominent that everyone has an eye out for it. And whenever there is news of any upcoming release, it always creates an adrenaline feeling among users. The recent launch of Galaxy S4 on April 26 received an overwhelming response by users from round the world.

Samsung stated that the company has supplied four million units of Galaxy S4 worldwide as calculated in April and just recently till May 10th; almost six million are already on the way out which is something noteworthy. If this rate keeps of increasing, then by the end of 2013 the shipment is expected to go in billions. But looking at the pace with which the company is developing smartphones, it’s a possibility that a new set will be introduced later in the same year that will surpass S4. Samsung also pointed specifically that the shipment is not just the sales to end consumers but is a sum of its delivery to retailers and many other promoting partners.

Galaxy S4 comes at #2 when compared with the fastest OS being iPhone 5 at the top. However, it’s still one of the top brands and the shipment is likely to reach 10 million by the end of May 2013.

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