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The New Charging Cabinets

Posted on 30 April 2013

The world is moving at a fast pace along with the growth of many new inventions which have revolutionized the human life. Constant improvement in IT products has simplified human life along with providing cutting edge technology as never seen before. Cell phones, laptops, tablet pc’s and other hand held devices are always on the go wherever you’re going. Whether in home or at any work place, you probably need to charge these gadgets. Now you wouldn’t carry a charger with you at all time so to cope up with this, charging cabinet is introduced which is a pioneer in the modern IT world.

What Is a Charging Cabinet?
Just like normal cabinets, these are specially designed for a purpose to charge the wireless/handheld devices like laptops, cell phones, tablets and more. Different varieties of charging cabinets are available in market for different gadgets.

They are placed on walls or are earthed to the floor which has built-in several charging sockets. Although the new generation of such cabinets is designed to charge multiple devices but most are still used for single unit. These are widely used in offices, cafeterias and other public places as well.

Common Features:

Some common features of these charging cabinets are stated below:
o Multiple compartments with several power outlets to charge more than one device.
o Easy to setup with variation in size accordingly to the place required for.
o Doors with lock features are also provided just like a normal cabinet.
o The back layer on which the power sockets are provided is made of shock free material that is either wood or hard plastic.

Charging cabinets are a step forward in the world of advance technology relieving you from the hassle of taking chargers along. A smart and efficient way to power up your gadgets!

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Dell Inspiron One 20

Posted on 29 April 2013

p>The 21st century is the era of growing new IT and computer related products which focus on simplifying human life. From simple desktop computers to sophisticated tablet PC’s, there’s no limit to the continuous improvement accordingly to the consumer demand. With each new gadget on the verge of technological breakthrough, competition between the engineering and IT manufacturing companies is increasing day by day.

If you talk about simplifying human life then reducing the clutter from a work desk is also a key point. The modern computers are smaller in size but this doesn’t in anyway affect the performance in fact it has gone better than before. Such a product with advance features along with a sleek and petite design is the new Dell Inspiron One 20.

Product Feature & Specifications:
Dell Inspiron One 20 is a single cord slim monitor having a built in processor and operating system. This relieves you from the hassle of managing a tower or flat CPU buying you space and is easy to carry and set up at any place. Some of the common features of this unique product are as follows:

o 20 inch HD screen for a clear and better view.
o Optional wireless keyboard and mouse is provided along.
o Having Windows 8 as an operating system.
o Intel core i3 along with Intel Celeron and Pentium as processor making it the fastest pc ever.
o Built in HD camera for video chatting and taking pictures.
o CD/DVD reader and writer along with Blu-ray combo drive.

Above stated are some general features which make this gadget stand erect when compared with other computers.

If you’re looking for a PC that not only provide extra space for your work desk but is also a breaking edge technology of the new generation, then Dell Inspiron One 20 is a must buy.

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Pipo Announces Launch of M8Pro Android Tablet

Posted on 25 April 2013

p>The 21st century has brought a revolutionary change in the world of technology. IT, engineering and manufacturing firms are all striving day and night, 24/7 to invent such gadgets and devices to simplify the human life. There’re critics all over the world who claim that technology hasn’t simplified human life but have made it more sophisticated and robotic. But still, once in every day or a month, such new gadget is introduced which surpasses others.

Such is the case when we talk about tablet PC’s which are a breakthrough in the world of compact computers. With the tablets out in the market, the era of desktop computers and laptops is slowly declining. Even the tablets have various categories with each version having advance features than previous one.

The Chinese market is known to create original and replicas of many new gadgets. Latest tablet introduced is the M8Pro by Pipo, which is a Chinese company. This 9.4-inch tablet has combined features and concepts originally taken from HTC One Tab 7, Windows 8 tablet, folding tablet and HTC 10 inch tablet.

Features & Specifications: Out of many, some common features for this device, which are essential to know, are stated below:

  • Android 4.1 as operating system
  • IPS Display having 1280 x 800 pixel resolution
  • 1.6 GHz quad core Rock chip RK 3188 processor
  • 2 GB Ram
  • Dual camera 5 MP rear and 2 MP front
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth included
  • Built-in flash drive of 16 GB
  • Extendable memory up to 32 GB
  • USB and HDMI interface
  • Battery of 6500 mA / h
  • Fluid touch interface of 9.4 inch

These are some of the general specifications of this recently launched tablet. Now you can enjoy the ultimate tablet experience at an affordable price with M8Pro.

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