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House Built from Reclaimed 747

Posted on 27 June 2008

As a childhood jet junkie I could think of nothing cooler than living inside a 747. As an adult, it doesn’t hold quite the same allure, but, building a house out of a scrapped 747 – that might be cool. A women in Malibu, CA is building a $2 million ‘green’ house out of a reclaimed 747. She paid just $40K for the jet and hired some green experts to build it out. Check it out.

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Cheap DIY Air Conditioner

Posted on 17 June 2008

I pretty much live on the surface of the sun – Phoenix that is. Today was 113. This DIY project actually seems pretty doable and useful. Skip past the opening voiceover and slideshow in the beginning, it’s awful, but the little air conditioner would be great in a garage or workshop. And listen carefully to the instructions too, I love how you are supposed to ‘me sure it looks good’.

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Check It Before You Buy At Test Freaks

Posted on 13 June 2008

As any real gadget fanatic knows – you’ve got to do your research. To many features, too many brands. How the hell do you know what to buy? Personally I research the hell of everything. Here’s a new site worth hitting the next time you go to buy. They’ve got a ton product categories with scored product reviews, plus user feedback and forums. Pretty awesome for finding out if that new Wii game sucks before you own it.

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Apple Announces the Long Awaited iPhone 3G

Posted on 09 June 2008

Available July 11th with prices starting at $199

Stop the speculation, the wait is over. Just about a year to the date of the original iPhone launch, Apple, Inc. has taken the wraps off the iPhone 3G. The new iPhone 3G is even thinner than the previous model. As expected, the iPhone 3G includes support for the faster 3G network, GPS, with an all new black plastic back. The biggest surprise might be the battery life. The iPhone 3G has 300 hours of standby, 5 hours of 3G talk (8-10 hours of 2G talk), 7 hours of video and 24 hours of audio. Very impressive from a 3G phone.

The original iPhone changed the conception of what a mobile phone can do for you. In much the same way that Blackberry changed how business people used their phones, the iPhone has altered the definition of a phone. Sure, people could surf the internet and check email before the iPhone, but Apple made it easy and fun. Now, Apple has the complete mobile package; a phone, GPS, email, internet, 3G and the interface that ties it all together. Add in the App Store and you have a phone that is very hard to compete against.

After selling over 6 million first generation iPhones, Apple hopes the new iPhone 3G will sell that many by years end. And at $199 for the 8 GB version and $299 for a 16 GB (with a White back as an option) these will fly off the shelves.

Back of Black iPhone. Now with a plastic case

Side View of New iPhone 3G

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Is Steve Jobs Sick?

Posted on 09 June 2008

Watching, or should I say reading, the WWDC live blog on Gizmodo and Engadget and I can’t help but notice Steve Jobs has lost weight – a lot of weight. Like the kind of weight loss that stops me in my tracks and gets me wondering if he’s sick? I know back in 2004 he underwent surgery for pancreatic cancer, and then there was a rumor storm a couple year after whether he still had cancer. Seeing Steve this skinny definitely leaves you wondering. Hope he’s ok.

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Will We See the 3G iPhone ‘2.0’ at the WWDC?

Posted on 09 June 2008

Don’t miss Steve Jobs’ WWDC keynote from WWDC this morning at 10 PT (1 ET). We expect Jobs to unwrap the new 3G iPhone for sure, but what else does Apple have in store for the summer shopping season? Check back right here for a full wrap of the new (presumably 3G) iPhone 2.0 specs later today, and here for a anything else noteworthy and Apple.

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