YouTube Opens Up to TiVo and More!

Posted on 12 March 2008 Tags: Entertainment

If you have an Apple TV or even a mobile phone, like the iPhone, then you know that YouTube is not just for the web. Now YouTube will be on even more devices, including TiVo.

Every day hundreds of millions of videos are viewed on YouTube and hundreds of thousands of videos are uploaded. Upon launch of the TiVo-YouTube service, TiVo users will be able to search, browse and watch these videos directly on their television sets through their broadband connected TiVo DVRs. The combination of having the YouTube experience with the convenience and familiarity of TiVo’s intuitive user interface will provide TiVo subscribers with the ability to discover and enjoy the most shared and most discussed web videos in the world on their televisions. Importantly, users will be able to log into their YouTube accounts directly from their TiVo boxes and access their favorite YouTube channels and playlists.

“We’re delighted to be working with the world’s leading online video community so that TiVo subscribers can access YouTube’s popular content on the TV via the TiVo DVR,” said Tara Maitra, Vice President and GM of Content Services at TiVo Inc. “Being able to make available YouTube videos to the TiVo subscriber base using one device, one remote and one user interface is another major step in our commitment to combine all of your television and web video viewing options in one easy to use service.”

The announcement from TiVo coincides with Google’s announcement on YouTube that they are opening up their APIs to allow better integration of YouTube services on devices like an Apple TV or TiVo DVR. Developers will be able to integrate stuff like uploading videos and video responses to YouTube, edit video descriptions and customize the player UI and control video playback (pause, play, stop, etc.) through software.

The number of possible new applications is endless. Electronic Arts has enabled gamers to capture videos of fantastical user-generated creatures from their upcoming game, Spore, and publish these directly into YouTube. The University of California, Berkeley is bringing free educational content to the world, enhancing their open source lecture capture and delivery system to publish videos automatically into YouTube. Animoto enables its users to create personalized, professional-quality music videos from their own photos and upload them directly to YouTube. Tivo is providing its users a rich and highly participative YouTube viewing experience on the television.

Maybe WebTV was too advanced for its time, as it seems more and more services that are thought of as “web” or “internet” only are coming to home theater and entertainment type gadgets. Only time will tell if these services will entice users that are otherwise not familiar with the YouTube’s of the world.

[via YouTube and TiVo]

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