Toshiba Stops Making HD DVD Players

Posted on 19 February 2008 Tags: Hi-Def


Blu-ray wins the format war by a forfeit

As if it wasn’t already a foregone conclusion, Toshiba has finally thrown in the the towel and stop production of its HD DVD players by March of this year. The news is not all that shocking given the decision in January by Warner Brothers to drop support for HD DVD and move over to Sony’s Blu-ray. Recently big players like Best Buy, Wal-mart and Netflix moved over to the Blu-ray camp, leaving HD DVD with very little supporters.

What does this mean for HD DVD adopters? There were plenty of home theater buffs that wanted the latest and greatest in HD and bought HD DVD players and movies that are now orphaned. The good news is these movies can live on in combo HD/Blu-ray players, making Toshiba’s decision a little easier for all. But what does this mean for the cost of Blu-ray players and movies? In part, the allure of HD DVD was the price. Toshiba was really first to market and first to slash player costs, in turn driving it’s adoption. And in most scenarios that usually produces a winner, but the consumers weren’t snapping up HD DVDs or the hardware. Most people were waiting to sidle up to a winner to this format war and the movie studios were all to aware of this. Sony can’t be in any hurry to start cutting Blu-ray equipment now that their major competitor has call it quits. I suspect we won’t see any price drop until maybe a Christmas push later this year.

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