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Bigfoot on Mars

Posted on 24 January 2008

New video from the planet Mars shows another mysterious figure that actually looks like the famous image of Bigfoot. Sasquatch on Mars you say? Hey could be. Leading conspiracy theorists speculate that Bigfoot may have actually been captured by the government and send up with the Mars rover. Ok. I made that crap up, but seriously that does look a lot like that famous Bigfoot picture?

Can’t they just drive the Mars rover over and take another picture? The thought that life might be on Mars or any other planet is pretty big news. Hell, who cares about soul samples, chase that thing down already.

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Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo

Posted on 24 January 2008


Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo is scheduled to make its debut flight in 2009

Virgin Group founder Sir Richard Branson and Scaled Composites CEO Burt Rutan showed off their new design for SpaceShipTwo. Billed as the worlds first commercial suborbital spacecraft, SpaceShipTwo will take travelers to the edge of the universe. Well, not quite the edge of the universe but the edge of outer space. The inaugural flight will contain about 100-200 wealthy travelers who have reserved a $200,000 seat aboard the craft.

SpaceShipTwo has a 42-foot wingspan and a tail height of 15 feet. It’s covered in windows with 18-inch diameters so that Virgin Galactic travelers will be able to have a full view of space and the Earth below them as they experience zero gravity. They’ve paid $200,000 for between four and five minutes of weightlessness, so they’d better have a darned good view.

SpaceShipTwo (in the middle of the picture) will be mounted on its “mother ship,” WhiteKnightTwo. The WhiteKnightTwo aircraft is a high-altitude aircraft that will taxi SpaceShipTwo to the upper atmosphere where it will detach. The process known as an “air launch” is said to be much more “green”per passenger than a typical commercial flight and safer too.

[via CNET]

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Solar Powered Mini Dress

Posted on 22 January 2008

Solar Powered Dress

‘The Day for Night: Modular Extensible Reconfigurable’ is a dress made completely out of circuit boards and solar cells. I guess having a long name makes up for being incredibly short. The mini dress is made over 400 little circuit board, some of which contain solar cells. The dresses software can be updated and it also has an RF transmitter so you can send signals to your laptop. I have no idea what you’d be sending other news of severe chaffing.

Wearable tech is quickly becoming popular, and in some cases actually usable. There are a number of backpacks with solar cells on them that provide very usable recharging power for iPods and phones. As for this little dress I’m just left wondering – where do you carry your iPod?

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Once in a Lifetime Images

Posted on 19 January 2008

Here are some cool images from, a photo blog with a wide range of images from photographers around the world. Some of these images are once in a lifetime shots, so check them out!


[Matthew Turley]


[Zorza polarna]



[Pioruny i błyskawice]




[Wodospady (część 2)]


[Silos rakietowy]


[Dziura w wodzie]


[Dziura w Gwatemali]

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Schedule DirecTV Recordings on Your Mobile Phone

Posted on 19 January 2008

DVR Scheduler
DirecTV recently announced a new beta program called DVR Scheduler that lets you set up recordings from your mobile phone or on the web. The service lets you browse the 14-day program guide and schedule a program to record, as well as set its priority over other scheduled recordings. Customers with the DIRECTV PLUS DVR (models R15-100, R15-300, R15-500) and DIRECTV PLUS HD DVR (models HR20-700, HR20-100) will be able to use this service right now. DirecTV plans to expand the service to other DVR models including the DirecTiVo units. Your mobile phone must have internet functionality, like the Apple iPhone, RIM Blackberry and others from Motorola, LG and Nokia.

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Create a Home Screen Icon for iPhone or iPod Touch Visitors

Posted on 17 January 2008

iPhone Home Screen

Content Providers and Web Site Developers

Now that the iPhone 1.1.3 software update is out, and you can add Safari Web Clips to your home screen on the iPhone and Touch, don’t let your visitors settle for the generic icon that Safari will stick in there. Here are drop dead simple instructions on how to add your own web site icon or logo to your visitors iPhone or Touch.

1.) Fire up Photoshop and create a shiny new graphic at 114 x 114 px (technically the size is 57 x 57 px, but this size worked best for our icon)

2.) Save the file as a 8 bit PNG with the name apple-touch-icon.png

3.) Upload the file to the root directory of your web server. That’s it! Safari will re-size larger images and automatically add the glass look so it fits right in with your visitors other icons.

[via Apple]

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NodorO: a Solution for Male Genital Odor

Posted on 16 January 2008

If you missed Howard Stern on the David Letterman show talking about Nodoro, then you’re in luck. Here’s the clip. I’m not sure the product qualifies as a gadget, but it’s too odd not to post. Almost unbelievable but I kid you not, this is a real product for what they claim is a real problem. According to NodorO™, Male Genital Odors (MGO) is a problem that affects approximately 33 million, mostly uncircumcised, American males. The solution: NodorO™, a topical cream with the active ingredient of Clotrimazole that is applied to the “smelly” area. There is a very funny (albeit, I assume serious) FAQ page with questions like, “Will NodorO™ remove odors around my scrotum area?” and “What happens if NodorO™ gets in contact with a woman’s genitals?”. All kidding aside, the product is FDA approved and judging by the customer testimonials work great if you have MGO!

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