WildCharger for the Motorola Razr V3

Posted on 27 January 2008 Tags: Mobile Gizmos


Charge your Razr without using a wire!

The WildCharger is a new way to power up your cell phone, one that does not involve wires to your phone. The power cord to your phone is replaced by a large silver mat that can charge multiple items at the same time. CNET recently reviewed the WildCharger and liked it despite some flaws like limited phone support.

The WildCharger is composed of three parts: the charger itself, an AC power adapter, and a special adapter for your phone. The first part is the most interesting. As we mentioned previously, it looks like a placemat, albeit one the Jetsons might have used. The broad metal stripes do more than just reflect the light; they actually serve as the pad’s conductive surface. The back of the pad is sturdy plastic and on one side are the charger port and a small indicator light.

So how does it work? Electrical current is delivered to the metal stripes on the pad from the AC adapter, which is then passed to the phone adapter (remember those metal bumps) and then on to the phone. When you think about it, the concept is pretty basic but WildCharge is one of the few to put it into practice.

At $89, it’s not for everybody, but if your a gadget freak (and have a Razr V3) and want the very latest to wow your friends, then this is it.

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