Out of Control Spy Satellite May Hit Earth

Posted on 26 January 2008 Tags: Seriously, WTF?, Space

Get out your steel umbrellas or find the nearest basement – the sky is falling. A disabled spy satellite is reportedly out of control and on a collision course with earth. Yahoo reports that officials anonymously reported the top secret information. It sounds like a wild Hollywood movie script, but it is very real.

The satellite may collide with the earth in late February or early March and authorities have no idea where. The spy satellite is reported to weight about 10 tons and is the size of a bus.

A few key questions to be answered before any real panic sets it:

  • How much damage would it really cause if it where to land in a populated area?
  • Could it be destroyed or damaged by a missile?
  • Based on the size of the earth and population densities what percentage of the earth’s surface actual contains civilization that could be harmed by the satellite? I read here that 10 percent of the earths surface is at least ‘lightly populated’. That number sounds pretty hight though.

Comment if you have any insight.

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