CES Gadget Roundup: Jook iPod Sharing

Posted on 10 January 2008 Tags: Feature, iPod


January 7, 2008 – Las Vegas, NV – The world premiere of Jook™, a revolutionary music technology standard with social networking capabilities, launches at CES, January 7 – 10, 2008, at the Las Vegas Convention Center in North Hall, Booth 5733MP.

“Music has always been one of the most fundamental conduits for people to socialize and Jook is the natural progression to elevate music into the 21st century,” said Min-Liang Tan, president and chief executive officer, Jook Inc. “Jook Inc. and its partners all aim to make music a social experience again rather than have it confined to a personal music player. The interconnectivity and social aspects of Jook are limitless and will have a tremendous impact on music and personal audio devices in the future.”

Jook, developed by Jook Inc. – a subsidiary of Razer – is a technology standard that allows any portable music player to act like a personal radio station enabling everyone, regardless of their music player, to wirelessly transmit songs to people around them. For example, someone with an iPod™ can become a DJ and play music for someone sitting across from them on the subway listening to a Zune™. Friends jogging together can all tune into one person’s music player and listen to the same songs at the same time – regardless of the type of portable music players being used.

Jook is further designed to be a social networking tool that lets listeners later connect and talk about music they had previously heard. Users can create a profile, store it on their Jook enabled device, and share it with their listeners or broadcasters. These profiles provide more information about members, which can include anything from a personal web page to their contact information, as well as their music preferences. Further, music fans can rate fellow Jook users’ songs as well as the overall playlist the broadcaster chose to create and share.

How it works:
Jook consists of three modes that users can flip between with the push of a button:
Me Mode: Like today’s standard personal music players, users will listen to their own music in this mode.
Us Mode: Lets Jook broadcast its owner’s music to other nearby Jook enabled devices. Users will listen to their own selections and others with a Jook-enabled device can now tune in as well. A red ambient light alerts others nearby that there’s music available to tune in to.
U Mode: Jook allows a listener to connect to another Jook-enabled play list. A green ambient light indicates to broadcasters have listeners.
The Jook standard will be available to all manufacturers and developers of portable music players and audio accessories such as earbuds, headphones and other similar products. Each Jook device will be designed to plug directly into a music player, drawing a minimal amount of power from the music player.

Jook is poised to be a universal technology standard that connects users with different devices that would normally have a “closed” listening environment. A user with an iPod can broadcast their music to a user with a Zune, who also can broadcast their music to a user with a Zen™.

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