The HD DVD Format War is (almost) Over

Posted on 05 January 2008 Tags: Feature, Hi-Def


And the winner is Sony’s Blu-ray. In a shocking move, Warner Bros. Entertainment has decided to produce movies in only Blu-ray format beginning in May. That leaves Paramount as the last major studio to make HD DVDs.

In response to consumer demand, Warner Bros. Entertainment will release its high-definition DVD titles exclusively in the Blu-ray disc format beginning later this year, it was announced today by Barry Meyer, Chairman & CEO, Warner Bros. and Kevin Tsujihara, President, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group.

Just when you thought HD DVD was making some progress, Warner deals a fatal blow to the format. And right before CES begins in Las Vegas too. The news was so shocking to the HD DVD promotional group, that they canceled their pre-Consumer Electronics Show Press Conference. With almost no studio support left, who will buy a HD DVD? It doesn’t even matter who has the better format now. In the end, the studios made the decision for the consumers – or maybe it was the consumers who made the decision with their wallets.

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  1. doug Says:

    Hopefully this will help increase player sales and thus decreases prices of both the players and the discs. I know I was waiting for one format or the other to win out before making a purchase – and I’m sure I wasn’t alone.

  2. dan Says:

    If you think that Bill Gates and the adult video industry will be waving the white flag anytime soon, you are not living in reality.

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