Go Green in Style with the Wattson Energy Meter

Posted on 07 December 2007 Tags: Green, Home & Office

Wattson Energy Meter

Okay, so you are into the whole “Go Green” movement but you must have your electronic toys. Here is the perfect gizmo for you, the Wattson Energy Meter. One of the coolest green gadgets around, the Wattson Energy Meter is a small device that attaches to your energy meter and then transmits the energy consumption of your home to a cool wireless and portable display unit. The LED digital display located on top of this unit can tell you how many watts of electricity you are currently using. In addition the Wattson Energy Meters portable display unit has lights which change color according to your energy consumption levels. I’m pretty sure Al Gore needs one of these.

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  1. Peter Says:

    Very cool tool for monitoring energy use. Thanks for sharing this info!

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