Lamborghini Goes Over 200 MPH on Arizona Streets

Posted on 27 November 2007 Tags: Cars

This video and a bunch others like it have the Arizona police all bent out of shape. It’s footage of a guy going 219 MPH in a Lamborghini Mucialago on an Arizona freeways. Some of the other videos show him doing well over 170 on back highways. It’s pretty insane and very real. Looks like it was shot in the middle of the night on some fairly unpopulated AZ freeways. Of course now the cops want to know who he is. Ah, hum, let’s see. There can’t be too many Lamborghini Mucialago’s registerd in AZ, so that’s an easy one. Oh, yeah and his name is all over the videos – you know, right in the title ‘Aaron Mayor’. Pretty sneaky.

It’s ok, if the cops don’t catch him it won’t take long for him to end up roadkill. He’s actually a damn good driver, but if you’ve ever seen the way the rest of the people drive in Arizona you’d understand.

And for AZ natives out there it’s a bit tough to spot exactly what stretch of freeway he hit 219 on, but looks like it might be a stretch of the 101 south in the east valley or maybe a stretch of the new 202 San Tan. Take a look and try reading the freeway signs at 200+ miles and hour.

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  1. Joe Stahl Says:

    He’s actually a pi$$ poor driver, and I hope he ends up road kill soon, without taking anyone else out with him. There are places where he could have done it in daylight. Talk about out running headlights. Oh……he’s also a moron.

  2. charlie Says:

    Wish he ends up dead? What a terrible thing to say about anyone.

  3. Seth Says:

    It’s heading south on the new stretch of the loop 202, just south of Elliott. I caught the Hawes exit sign at the beginning of the video.

  4. Seth Says:

    It’s heading south on the new stretch of the loop 202, just south of Elliott. I caught the Hawes exit sign at the beginning of the video.

  5. krafboy Says:

    Fuckers like that who think they’ll never kill anyone else because they’re unable to figure out how to own a Lamborghini but not locate a place to race it legally and safely should have their license revoked for ever. Nobody cares about his life, since he obviously doesn’t care about his own, I care about anybody who might be hit by him.

  6. Canuckster Says:

    Money and brains don’t go hand in hand. He obviously doesn’t deserve either. I am a High speed driving instructor for the Porsche Club. I see clowns like this all the time, and ask them to come out to a track event and learn to drive for real. Fast in a stright line? Any idiot can do that. racing door to door, and pulling off a pass and makig it stick is for real.

  7. Hello you're all retarded. Says:

    I believe what he was doing was showing how fast he could get his car to go. Doesn’t look like he was trying to show off his amazing skills at driving. So stop being stupid about it. Granted i don’t own a car that goes to 219 but you all act like you’ve never gunned it out on an open stretch of highway. Douchebags.

    And wishing he would die is showing some real intelligence.

  8. Brandon Says:

    I have to agree that wishing he would die is extreme. You people need to chill the fuck out. What he did really isn’t even as dangerous as an asshole who cuts people off at normal freeway speeds, so STFU.

  9. Jay Says:

    The real idiots are the ones who buy $80,000-$300,000 cars just to drive at ten mph above the limits, i’d honestly do the same with a lambo. In the autobahn in Germany, the car approaching fast behind a slow moving vehicle has the right of way. the slow vehicles must give way and get out of the lane, something the real douche bags in this country who can’t drive should learn.
    And before anyone begins any dumb retort, i have done my research and the autobahn is a much safer place to drive than any street in the US, because in Europe they understand that to acquire a license is a privilege, not a right. Cops are looking for him just because they know how much money they can fine him so they can get faster cars, i hope they never find the guy…cheers man, Keep Racing!

  10. WLW Says:

    So what if his car *can* go 219 mph? He’s doing it on a public road, and that’s not cool.

    If it’s that damn important to show how fast your freaking car can go, and if you have the cash to own a car like that, rent a proper facility where some innocent person isn’t at risk.

    Responsible drivers are those who take all conditions into account–including the fact that we have people here in the US who drive slowly in the wrong lane. They may be a hazard, but I’m not going to drive fast when I’m in the company of those who not going to play by the same rules–like on our highways.

    Keep the speed on the race courses where it belongs. I like to drive fast, but never at the risk of anyone else’s life or safety.

    The only “douchebags” here are those who have to resort to name calling because they can’t win the argument on its merits.

  11. sport Says:

    More 200mph Lambos & less douchebags in white pickup trucks

  12. 140+mph Says:

    I don’t even know where to begin on this. So what if the guy did 219+mph i only saw one car going in the guys direction while he was doing the 211mph at night, if there were any other cars going the same way he was going it wasn’t during his top end runs. And secondly all you hard asses that say you own the some shitty prick club or “know” how to drive i’d love to see one of you go to the track or street and try to prove yourself i’d bet you’d get your ass handed to you every which way ya turned. Stop fucking hating on a guy that did something that you could only dream of doing but cant. For those of you that wish he would become roadkill your just as fucking ignorant as the pigs that arrested him. If you don’t like what you see keep your fucking eyes closed. We all get our thrills one way or another and if this guy wants to push his car to the limits then let him. Another thing you can’t really endanger lives while going in a straight line and even in “safe enviornments” lives are at risk. everyones talking about racing at a safe place lol thats a joke right? look at dale earnhardt he was did what he loved at a “safe” place and he still ended up dying, so don’t preach to us about racing at a safe location cause even safe locations aren’t safe.

  13. strawn Says:

    Yeah I tell you what, if I had been on the 202 and this dude passed me by doing 219, it would have made my night. Let it go, its fucking awesome

  14. paddy Says:

    He’s a damn sight better than the bunch of idiots I come across while driving in the USA. Lane discipline is almost non-existent and there is a level of arrogance/ignorance that is unbelievable. BTW I drive mostly in Ireland and the UK.

  15. bill Says:

    have you people considered all the “drunks”on the road at that hour…? making a last instant, course adjustment,because of some-
    body weaving down the road….hate to say it…”the cops are right”….this person is …..LETHAL…..i drive ,everyday…chandler, cave creek,goodyear……same time as this bozo……….same roads…….take him down and his toys away

  16. Steve Says:

    Here no one could try this speed- the longest straight roads are shorter than 5 miles, but i think if the guy has proper roads available and a Lambo, he should be let to try …

  17. Slim Says:

    How can you condone this? Have any of you that say this is cool ever been in a vehicle going high speeds? I am sure with the control the Lamborghini Mucialago has much better control then most vehicles but once get over 120 the smallest thing could set you out of control. As for there being few cars in his path, that may be but at 200+ mph how long would it take him to cross over into on coming traffic. This guy is an accident waiting to happen. If he can afford this car then he can afford to go to one of the many places you can safely avoid killing someone else to test your speed. I say he is just a rich prick whos daddy bought him a car and failed to teach him respect of others.

  18. Capt. John Says:

    D’oh – One jack-a-lope crossing the highway at night and this guy will be parking his sled in the Space Shuttle.

  19. Jere Says:

    This video was not real. they used some pretty good editing tricks. the two guys in the video are film students. There were trying to impress some girl that would never go out with them.

  20. Chris Rollins Says:

    AZ native here. thats the santan hes riding on. going towards gilbert. this guy lives in a town called ahawatukee. ive seen his car zippin up and down the streets. i always wave. STICK IT TO THE MAN AARON!

  21. evil Says:

    i really wonder why so many americans are pissed about such “public” actions and complain that this guy deserves to die “road kill” why in the first place are such cars allowed in the US?
    those cars are made to go fast. i really wonder why my home country is the only one in the whole world, where one can drive his or hers car as fast as it can go, legally!
    cheers from germany

    looking forward to get a zx-10r next season and go to race with such buggers on the autobahn 🙂

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