Three Wheeled Car Runs on Fuel Vapor

Posted on 03 July 2007 Tags: Cars, Green

Ale fuel vapor concept carThe Ale car has three wheels, runs on fuel vapors and gets 92 mpg. It has an almost impossible compression ratio of 20:1 running a custom fuel vapor system. With 0-60 times of 5 seconds and a 1.7 g rating in the corners this isn’t your typical slug of a hybrid.While the Ale looks cool as hell from the outside it’s a bit of a frankenstein under the hood. It’s got a Honda engine with a CRX front suspension and rack and pinion streering from a Porche 911. The dashboard looks like something the Russians developed in the 1960’s and the front (and only seat) looks like it was salvage from a 15 year-old Prelude.The Ale runs on regular gasoline and meets all emission standards. Five more pictures of the Ale after the jump.Three Quater View of Ale Car Ale Car Fuel Vapor Engine Front View of Ale Concept Car Interior of Ale Fuel Vapor Car Sideview of Ale CarRead more here.

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