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Wash Your Hands with Glowing Water

Posted on 28 July 2007

LED facet light
Ever dreamed of being able to wash your hands with a laser beam instead of water? Yeah, me too. You can get pretty close with this LED facet gadget. It screws onto the end of your facet and passes the stream of water through a light chamber contain LEDs. It will even turn the color red when water hits 89 degrees. Best part is it runs on batteries, which is a hell of a lot safer than the one I made that plugged into the wall. – $12.99

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LED Ice Bulb DIY

Posted on 28 July 2007

This is a pretty cool trick. The video shows how to make a big ball of glowing ice. Basically you stick a simple LED into a water balloon and freeze it with the wires sticking out of the end of the balloon. When it’s frozen you simply peel the balloon off of the big ball of ice and attach a 9-volt battery to the LED. Bam! You’ve got yourself a cool ass glowing orb of frozen light to impress your friends. It’s pretty fun, though not nearly as fun as just throwing the frozen water balloon at your friends. If you’ve never been hit by a frozen water balloon, let me tell you, it’s a riot. Even better if it’s glowing.

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Have Your Meetings in a Cloud Room

Posted on 05 July 2007

Inflatable Cloud Room

This giant inflatable cloud is supposed to be a portable meeting room. It’s about 7’x15’x13′ when inflated. It looks cool as hell, but I’m not sure what kind of business meeting would be appropriate to conduct in it. Somehow I don’t see Donald Trump saying, “let’s walk into my giant cloud room while I fire your ass”. I think it’d be fine for counting the stack of quarters I netted from my lemonade stand though.

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Three Wheeled Car Runs on Fuel Vapor

Posted on 03 July 2007

Ale fuel vapor concept carThe Ale car has three wheels, runs on fuel vapors and gets 92 mpg. It has an almost impossible compression ratio of 20:1 running a custom fuel vapor system. With 0-60 times of 5 seconds and a 1.7 g rating in the corners this isn’t your typical slug of a hybrid.While the Ale looks cool as hell from the outside it’s a bit of a frankenstein under the hood. It’s got a Honda engine with a CRX front suspension and rack and pinion streering from a Porche 911. The dashboard looks like something the Russians developed in the 1960’s and the front (and only seat) looks like it was salvage from a 15 year-old Prelude.The Ale runs on regular gasoline and meets all emission standards. Five more pictures of the Ale after the jump. Continue Reading

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