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Smoking Mittens

Posted on 26 June 2007

Smoking Mittens with a hole for your Cigarette

Smoking indoors is being banned just about everywhere. Which means you’ve got to head outside to light up. And if you live in a cold climate, well, you’re screwed. But wait. Suck UK has come out with the Smoking Mittens. They have a convenient gromet that allows you to smoke your cigarette right through the mitten. You’ll never have to light up with cold hands again. Pretty cool huh. Almost as cool as my jacket that comes lined with cancer. Now available at

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Motorized Unicycle Brings Geeks into the 21st Century

Posted on 25 June 2007

Electric Unicycle
Don’t ever doubt the evolution of the human species. Not long after man craved out the wheel he created the unicycle. And for, what, a few hundred thousand years he thought he was cool. Riding around on one wheel like a Harvey Mudd graduate student. Times change and the unicycle become uncool. Really uncool. But alas, the almighty geek has jumped on the technological bandwagon. Move aside human power, it’s time for electric. That’s right. No more sweaty-pitted unicycle riders. Now these guys are almost as quick as well, mopeds?

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LED Binary Clock Will Make Your Head Hurt

Posted on 20 June 2007

LED Binary Clock for Nerds

This LED clock displays the time in Powers of Two binary code. This thing looks more like a control panel out of Chernobyl than a clock. But the good news is that if someone can sell this thing as a clock there’s hope for my plans to sell bags of broken glass as ‘diamond rings’.
ThinkGeek – $19.99

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LeBron James Etch A Sketch Portrait

Posted on 14 June 2007

You know you wish you could do this. Everybody that has ever played with an Etch-A-Sketch wishes they could really draw this way. I can’t even draw a damn box let alone a basketball. Watch this dude Etch A Sketch a picture of LeBron James in action.

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Awesome Russian Arcade Games

Posted on 08 June 2007

Russian Video Games

I have an uncle that used to travel to Russia in the late eighties for business. He always said we really never had anything to worry about during the cold war. Russia was a like half a century behind. I think he might have been right, judging by their arcade games. It’s pretty hard to put into words the level of game playing awesome these must have been. I’m sure when you’re video game technology sucks at this level it pretty much bring down the quality of life on the whole. One more killer pict after the jump.

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Awesome Parallel Parking

Posted on 07 June 2007

This is a 3 mintue video of an Italian woman trying demonstrating some amazing parking skills, ah, or lack thereof. The car clearly is NOT going to fit in the space, but she refused to give up. Perhaps she needs one of those self-parking Lexus’ or a tape measure and driving lessons.

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