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Drink Out of Your Sandal

Posted on 31 May 2007

A flip flop sandal thatís a flask

I’m guessing the person who thought of this idea was either really really drunk, or really thirsty. Either way, creating a flask out of your flip flop is ah, desparate, but cool at the same time. I really don’t know what the hell I’d want to drink out of my shoe, especially after walking around on it all day. But I guarantee you could find a way to win a ton of bar bets with these things. “Eat my sandals, why yes I will”.

Island Reef

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Table Made of Silverware

Posted on 22 May 2007

Silverware Coffee Table by Toni Grilo

This table made completely out of recycled knives, forks and spoons has the potential to be the most agrivating object on earth. It’s created by artist Toni Grilo, and if you don’t have anything in the house to eat it will taught you to no end. Of course if your coffee table is made completely out of old Taco bell wrappers and hot sauce packets like mine, then, well, um, you’d be, ah, full.

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Blow Stuff Up With Your USB Hub

Posted on 20 May 2007

Doomsday USB Hub

This is pretty much the craziest USB device I’ve seen. It’s a hub designed to look like a ‘doomsday’ switch. Complete with buttons, lights, security key and the dreaded launch button covered in a protective plastic box you’ll be set to enter your imaginery launch codes and wage war on, ah, something. For sure the best device to confuse and scare coworkers while actually being productive at the same time. And isn’t that what an office job is all about. The perfect companion to the USB desktop missle launcher.

ThinkGeek – $49.99

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Giant TV That Fits Under Your Bed

Posted on 10 May 2007

Here’s an example of one of the coolest things ever. A giant ass flat screen tv that automatically slides out from under your bed. Its level of awesome is surpassed on by the level of suck that is the room in this video. So unworthy.

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World’s Fastest Toilet – The Jet Powered Portajohn

Posted on 04 May 2007

It’s the toilet for speed freaks. A jet powered ‘port-a-john’ that can go 70 mph. Hats off to people like this that create the things in life you truly can’t live without. Throw one of these toilet lights on it and you’ve got yourself all kinds of awesome.

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Wear Your iPod Shuffle on Your Head

Posted on 02 May 2007

iPod Shuffle Wireless Earphones

This iPod accessory sounds cooler that it is, but then looks cooler than it sounds. I think? It’s wireless headphones for your iPod Shuffle. Except they’re not really wireless. Confused? It actually a head phone system that allows the lightweight Shuffle to snap right into it. I think it could actually work. I’ve got a shuffle and it’s certainly light enough. Plus you’ve got the cool benefit of looking like you’re walking around with a giant spider on the back of your head. A spider that listens to an iPod. More at:

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The Ship that Sinks

Posted on 02 May 2007

Check out this video of a container ship that sinks – on purpose. It’s made by Dockwise and is called a ‘semi-submersible’. The intent to to allow it to deliver cargo while at sea, which I’m guessing would be another actual ship. The ole’ ship within a ship. If I’m not mistaken they developed a similar ship last century that goes underwater too, it’s called a submarine. But whatever.

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