Olympic Swim Stadium to be Covered in Bubble Wrap

Posted on 12 April 2007 Tags: Are You Kidding

Beijing Olympic Swim Stadium Renderings

From this artist rendering it looks like the Beijing Aquatic Stadium will be covered in bubble wrap. The ‘Watercube‘ will be home to the water sports at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, China. In the additional pictures (after the jump) it appears that the bubble wrap isn’t just a façade, but the structure itself. Looks like big and squishy fun.

More at: en.beijing2008.cn

Aquatic Center in Beijing
Swim Stadium

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  1. Don Says:


  2. mikayla Says:

    how deep are the swimming pools

  3. nebiyu Says:

    too risky

  4. Gars Says:

    The Swimming pool is usually 1.80

  5. swimmer Says:

    Can they breathe in the bubble wrap ?


  6. Khudeeja Murtaza Says:

    Good Heavens! Its simply AWESOME!

  7. Oscar Li Says:

    Great building!

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