iPod Stops Bullet, Saves Soldier’s Life in Iraq

Posted on 06 April 2007 Tags: Apple, MP3

iPod that stopped a bullet and saved a life

Pretty amazing story. This guys’ iPod saved his life in Iraq. He was ambushed by an insurgent on the streets of Tikrit and shot in the chest at close range with an Ak-47. The iPod (an HP 20gb no less), slowed the bullet enough to save his life. He’s probably lucky he was carrying a 20Gig’er and not a Shuffle! Is there any provision in Apple care for having your ipod destroyed by insurgent gun fire? I guess it’s just one more thing for us Apple fans to gloat about.


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  1. senmax Says:

    bullshit. Coming from the former USSR I actually used to shoot from AK 47 and AK 74. Believe me, no way Ipod and ANY body armor could stop the bullet. It could save the life and prevent the bullet from penetrating the body too far but I would expect a pair of broken ribs at least…

  2. GuitarBizarre Says:

    Agreed, I’ve seen this story crop up a couple of times and believe me, every time its been proven within a few posts that this story is total crap.

  3. Jason Says:

    This isn’t BS. Notice how it never says that he didn’t get hurt or anything, it just says it slowed the round enough to save his life… not that he didn’t get a puncture wound or broken anything. And senmax, I don’t give a damn how long you were in the Russian army, you say that no armor could protect or stop a round like that… BS! Ever ehard of Dragon Skin or SAPI plates? Both are designed to do just that.

  4. Simon Feltip Says:

    I got shot and the ipod saved my life!

  5. Jason Says:

    Dragon Skin is amazing i seen it on a tv program it didn’t even get damaged alot from a grenade while the armour was lying on it

  6. MrMckoy Says:

    To the previous poster,

    I agree that a 7.62mm is no joke. But I’ve head of Bibles (just the Old testament or New) stopping rounds in this conflict and as far back as Vietnam.

    There are lots of variables…Not enough gunpowder in the casing, etc… (Yes I’ve made rounds before hunting).

    But they also could have gotten the weapon wrong. That hole seemed of lower caliber. But it was a round. No doubt there. The Media does sometimes make mistakes.

  7. Max Says:

    Hahahaha! Typical americans that have seen there military equipment on Discovery Channel. I can tell you that those programs are Bullshit. Please, try a AK-47 and then tell us about military equipment. Ak-47 have one of the strongest fire-powers effects when you compare those weapons. If Dragon skin is that great…why is american soldiers getting killed every day in Irak?

  8. nick Says:

    your an idiot max…. first off dragon skin is still in development. the show future weapons …. you guessed it are not in use yet… they are in development for FUTURE USE! and please goto school its spelled Iraq …. no “k”.

    This story is not crap. I have had a close call when i was in Iraq and had an object slow a bullet down and still break through my ceramics in my armor. Not an Ipod but still possibly saved my life. It was actually a can of skoal and a few letters and pictures from back home that the bullet penetrated, broke through my chest plate in my armor and was brought to a stop on in my skin. I had major bruising and a burn I guess from the hot bullet.

    I see this story as plausible and not unlikely .

  9. UncleSamsMisguidedChild Says:

    +1 in all honesty…anyone else in any other country(almost) has no idea whats going on in the U.S. and the russian army? are you kidding. personally spit about 350 rounds from an Avtomat Kalashnikov model 1947 (own 1) and put about 70 of the 7.62 through my bolt action m44(mosin nagant)also own an m38. both use the same round. the ak-47 could go through the ipod at close range. but you have to consider what the reporter thinks is “close range”. especially thinking about the trajectory. if the bullet was fired from “close range” directly in front of the man then ok. but from an angle it would have less penetrating power.

    im ranting. so long story short. shut the hell up. you dont know unless you were there. (the m44 though,would go through that ipod and maybe his slates) ive seen a 7.62×54 from a m44 go clean through a 16in thick tree at about 140yds.)

  10. FS Says:

    First off let’s get this straight the IPod did jack all it’s just plastic and thin sheet metal more or less, with a nail and a hammer you can go through one with enough force applied but don’t get me wrong it may have slowed down the bullet but enough to save his life not a chance.

    Second if you check this link it was his armour which stopped the bullet (copy and paste if need be)

    More pics of the ruined IPod here:

    Oh and yes Max your an idiot 7.62 is one powerful round but to say there is no armour in service now that can’t stop it is foolish but that’s not to say the 7.62 will most likely defeat it more often than not and max the majority of most US causalities are done by IEDs.

  11. Fly Says:

    hmmm…it surely isn’t ak…and especially coz it hit the edge of ipod…could be a glock, but shot from far away

  12. Chaos Inc Says:

    Oh come on! they didnt day that he wasnt hurt by bullet… it slowed the bullet down
    oh and about the russian and the u.s army… idk cause I got 3 more years 4 the isarel army XD

  13. osman Says:

    ak-47 would do much more than that tiny hole at close range

  14. rjd00d Says:

    by the way senmax they never said it stopped the bullet all they said is that it prevented it from going to deep into his body and you agreed it could do that

  15. lawrence Says:

    But did it still work?!

  16. Stefan Says:

    Have you ever tried to destroy an Ipod…I took flying off an 8 story building before the Ipod’s casing cracked in half. (Nano)
    Everything may have not been perfect and the bullet would not have full power. I think that the Ipod did SLOW DOWN the bullet enough to save his life.

  17. RaV Says:

    bullshit… ipod n’ ak47… haha,this gun is just too strong,ipod couldn’t even slow down the bullet… there is a true story bout a zippo lighter,but this is crap,peace

  18. latke Says:

    what a strange group of people you all are. SO serious.

  19. balloons Says:

    an ipod couldn’t even slow down an ak 47 round at close range. That guy would’ve been toast or this story is badly exaggerated.

  20. Virtus Says:

    1. by the ratio of the hole to the ipod ( i own same ipod and i have a replica of a AK 47 bullet from Russia mind u ) it is way too small to be an AK 47

    2. media often exaggerate things

    3. the bullet must have been at an angle. Since the bullet hit the corner it must have been going at an angle to go through it, otherwise it would of brushed the ipod away

    4. ipod cases are very flimsy. (not nano, my friend’s survived a hammer dropping on it without a scratch ) But the metallic case of a video feels a little stronger than tin. So there was no way in hell that could of actually stopped the bullet. ( the ak 47 is known to be powerful and cheap )

  21. Virtus Says:

    Sry about double posting.

    Look at the ipod. The bullet warped the metal outwards but went clean through the circuit board without even popping it out a bit. That board is in there tight! If the bullet popped the case off the board should of went with it.

  22. Bupkus Says:

    No way the Ipod saved that guys life.. Not even by slowing down the bullet, that’s total bullcrap.. I would rather say the soldiers bodyarmour did the job, not the Ipod..

  23. hotnoob Says:

    anything is possible, so dont fucking say impossible…

    PS, AK 47 is definitely not the most powerful gun…
    u gotta remember about the anti-tank assault rifles.

  24. David Smith Says:

    You are all missing the point – it was the song that helped him –

    “Last night a DJ saved my life”

  25. James Says:

    Jason you are incorrect they do not use dragon armor because it costs too much for the army to afford. the only people wearing that stuff is the really important people

  26. iwasthere Says:

    no way an ipod stopped an ak 47 bullet, those things are POWERFUL. and if it did, he’d still have internal damage. 2 by 3 inches of plastic won’t dissapate the energy of that round. it probably broke his sternum. besides, who carries an ipod in their chest pocket? also, obviously the us cant afford to outfit its troops with dragon skin. that stuff is state of the art, and still in developement.

  27. Bryan Says:

    I was with that guy in Iraq. It was not a bullet that did that dammage. The ipod was on the out side of a vehicle when an IED went off and was hit by some sharpnal.

  28. Luke Says:

    Lol you moron. You just said dragonskin would stop the bullet, so that right there blows the story completely out of the water because the ipod would have been on the outside of the armor. A 7.62 in no way shape or form could penetrate dragon skin armor. You cant even take a sharpened steel spike with 1,000+ pounds of force behind it and penetrate the armor. So if that had been the case the ipod wouldnt have mattered.

    Also dragon skin isnt standard issue yet. So that wouldnt have had effect either. But ruling the fact that theres no way an Ipod could stop a 7.62 round and how theres no way that indention was made by that big of a round, this story is undoubtedly complete bullshit. I’ve shot an AK at a solid steel plate about a quarter centimeter thick and it punched holes right through it like nothing. You cant tell me a fucking Ipod is stronger than that. Like I said complete BS.

  29. Robby Johnson Says:

    lets hope he didnt lose his songs and apps

  30. Jack Says:

    Fake iPod! 20gb? Doesn’t exist…

    Why the hell is the HP logo on the back, too?


  31. Roy Says:

    this is just my opinion. i just wanted to say that, this could be the situation.
    he could of had the ipod in his inner pocket, his body armor reduced the amount of the force of the bullet. his ipod was placed inside of his armor, so when he actually got shot, the bullet went through the armor, then to the ipod with reduced the amount of force that the bullet has. so i say it is possible. ipod stopped the bullet, but with the bullet that has been reduced in force.

  32. Truth Says:

    This sounds like a bunch of kids who’ve played CoD a few times arguing about something they know nothing about. A month’s pay says most of you have never even fired a live round, let alone been anywhere near a semi/fully-automatic assault rifle.

  33. ^-^ohai Says:

    ok first of all dragon skin armor will never be used my the military, due to its cost second there are multiple ways that that soviet could have tried to modifye his gun to take cheaper ammo i have no clue if or why he would do that and we need to call the mythbusters to settle this!

  34. ^-^ohai Says:

    why did i say soviet -_- sorry the ak is a soviet gun i apoligize

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