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BMW CS Concept – The Next 8 Series

Posted on 25 April 2007

BMW Concept Car - The next 8 seriesbmw cs concept

The BWM CS is a concept car that will likely become the new 8-Series. If you follow cool cars you’ll note the look of the Z8 in the front end. This beast is longer, wider and lower than the current 7-Seris BMWs and will likely require a kidney donation to pay for. But who really needs two kidneys when you’ve got a ride like this.

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Flickr Blockrs Black Bar Glasses

Posted on 25 April 2007

flickr blockrs

Clearly one of the most useless but funniest gadgets. Flickr Blockrs create that anonymous black bar over the eyes look – without any retouching at all. Even better than having your photo taken with them on would be wearing them and walking into walls and randomly groping people claiming you were just trying to find the light switch.

Funny Sunglasses

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Amazing Ping Pong Ball Bouncing Video

Posted on 23 April 2007

Clearly this dude has way to much time on his hands. I’m not doubting his skills, bouncing ping pong balls into cups is a talent, for reals. But take a look at the video and you’ll learn just how he got good at it. All of the furniture in his garage would seem to indicate that’s where he lives. And when you live in the garage at your parents house, bouncing ping pong balls into red cups is pretty much what you end up being good at.

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Pee in the Dark with the Johnny Light

Posted on 14 April 2007

Johnny Light

If you’re tired of being blinded in the middle of the night when nature calls then what you need is a lighted throne. The Johnny Light is a night light for your toilet. I sounds ridiculous, but it’s probably pretty useful. It’s battery powered so there’s no annoying risk of electrocution for guys with aiming issues. Plus it’s guaranteed to be the talk of any party, especially when you tell people it’s not only a nightlight but a video camera.

[Via Beautiful Nightlights]

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LED Candles You Can Blow Out

Posted on 12 April 2007

LED Candles

LEDs are appearing everywhere, from Flash lights, tail lights to solar garden lights. Here’s one more. Faux candles. The coolest thing is that you can’t really tell their LED powered, they flicker just like real candles and you can even blow them on or off just like a real candle.

ThinkGeekThinkGeek – $14.99 or less

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Olympic Swim Stadium to be Covered in Bubble Wrap

Posted on 12 April 2007

Beijing Olympic Swim Stadium Renderings

From this artist rendering it looks like the Beijing Aquatic Stadium will be covered in bubble wrap. The ‘Watercube‘ will be home to the water sports at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, China. In the additional pictures (after the jump) it appears that the bubble wrap isn’t just a façade, but the structure itself. Looks like big and squishy fun.

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L1X-75 600 Horse Electric Car

Posted on 10 April 2007

Hybrid cars are nice, but if you’re not wowed by cheer gas mileage how about horsepower. 600 horsepower – in an electric. The all carbon-fiber electric looks pretty cool and will do 175 mph. If the guy conducting the interview and test drive would have put down the damn microphone we might of got a glimpse of what it can really do.

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