Make Electricity From a Pear and Toilet Paper – DIY

Posted on 28 March 2007 Tags: Are You Kidding, DIY Gadgets

As usual, I haven’t a clue as to how this works, or if it really does, but it seems like a cool DIY gizmo. You rub some toilet paper over a pear, stuff in a flashlight and it works like a battery. So toilet paper creates electricity? Ah, OK. I’m not sure what you do with this. Perhaps an urban survival kit of rotten fruit and TP?

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  1. rusty Says:

    So why don’t you get a shock every time you wipe your arse,if this is real

  2. Lo-couk Says:

    cos unlike you rusty, I don’t shit pears and I’ve never tried sticking a 1.5 volt battery up mt butt either… STRANGE MAN!!!

  3. wtf Says:

    Fake as hell, dont believe everything you see.

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