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Make Electricity From a Pear and Toilet Paper – DIY

Posted on 28 March 2007

As usual, I haven’t a clue as to how this works, or if it really does, but it seems like a cool DIY gizmo. You rub some toilet paper over a pear, stuff in a flashlight and it works like a battery. So toilet paper creates electricity? Ah, OK. I’m not sure what you do with this. Perhaps an urban survival kit of rotten fruit and TP?

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USB Drink Cooler

Posted on 27 March 2007

USB Drink Cooler

There doesn’t seem to be an end to the gadgets and gizmos that can be powered by USB. This USB powered cooling coaster is the perfect thing for the office to keep your beer cold when you’re continually interupted by annoying coworkers asking you stupid questions and killing your buzz. – 29.99

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Gresso Wooden MP3 Player

Posted on 22 March 2007

Wooden MP3 Player

If you’re just too cool for an iPod, might we suggest a Gresso MP3 player. The Symphonia Collection consist of hand-crafted MP3 player made from rare African blackwood and 18 Carat Gold. They can even be worn around your neck as jewelry. Trust us, get one of these things and you’ll stand out from the crown – mainly because at $6,000 your going to have to sell one of your kidneys to afford one. [Via]

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Anti Gravity for Real

Posted on 19 March 2007

As usually, I have no clue how this stuff works. But it’s got floating, spinning gimzos and therefore I’m mesmorized. It’s probably not really as cool as it sounds. I’m guessing just a couple perfectly positioned magnetic fields? Cool video anyway.

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Just What is a Technosexual?

Posted on 10 March 2007

This is one of those words were are going to end up hating. And it would seem Calvin Klein is at the root of it’s coming proliferation. I’m sure you’re familiar with the term ‘metrosexual’, the city dwelling, overly stylisticly fashion conscious ambiguiously gay male – you know, Ryan Seacrest. Well now we’ve got the technosexual. The definition of technosexual is someone who is a heavy user of the internet and emerging social networking, Web 2.0 and gadgets and gizmos – I guess. But how is a technosexual supposed to know if he’s technosexual if their isn’t a Wikipedia definition yet? Isn’t that where he’d look?

Is the new techno sexual phrase is really just a marketing spin by Calvin Klein to sell cologne and perfume – their new CKin2u fragrance – to the unwashed masses who spend 20 hours a day parked in front of their computer interacting with the word through blogs and social networking. These superusers don’t need fragrance, they never see anybody. Their computer’s can’t smell them, even if their neighbors can. Nothing like building a product market out of people who don’t actually need your product. Let’s see if this one works. What do you think technosexuals, need some cologne?

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New Audi S5 2-Door

Posted on 08 March 2007

The new two door Audi S5 looks pretty hot. With a big ass V8 hooked to full time four-wheel drive I’m sure it can move. The video of the S5 is cool if you’re into Audis. A few hot supermodels might have helped spice it up a bit, or me driving it. That would be off the hook.

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Human PacMan

Posted on 07 March 2007

Someone has created a human-sized live action Pac Man game. That, along with the fact this video comes from Japan, is all you really need to set up this clip. The Japanese are either light years ahead of American reality show culture or the entire country is already nuts.

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