Renew Your Nicads by Zapping Them

Posted on 28 February 2007 Tags: Hacks, DIY Gadgets

Pretty cool video from Instructables TV. It shows how you can take DC voltage and zap your aging rechargable batteries back to life. The guy uses a MIG welder and renews an otherwise dead nicad. I’m not versed enough on electricty to completely understand how this works but it looks better than my technique which involves repeatedly slamming the batteries into my workbench in frustration. I’ve got two Craftsman drill nicads that are nothing more than paperweights, time to zap em I guess.

Would a car battery work for this as well? Oh, and what about the whole issue of the batteries potentially exploding and you know, ruining an otherwise nice workbench? Any electrically minded readers are welcome to enlighten us. Also the audio is a bit weak, crank it up.

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  1. jehrbear Says:

    Tested this with a 12 volt car battery [actually used a portable jump starter device]. Opened up the battery pack of my Firestorm Black and Decker 14.4 (ps140 battery)and hit each individual cell 4 times with the charge. It did spark each time, and fused the little wire lead to the cell, but easily twisted off each time. Charged the battery and I’m very happy to report the packs are holding a charge pretty much like new. Time will tell how long this lasts, but at 44 bucks a pop, i’ll take 10 minutes every 6 months (or however long they last)and zap these again.

  2. Battery Repair Says:

    Check for a much safer way to perform this fix. All you need is at least one good battery.

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