Japanese Human Trebuchet

Posted on 11 February 2007 Tags: Japanese Tech

The Japanese are always doing crazy stuff. Take for example this video of a human catapult. Actually it’s a trebuchet. And it looks fun as hell.

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  1. deeznutz Says:

    just wanted to let u know those people in japan are watching a video of the catapult being done in the usa….not japan.

  2. messerschmidt Says:

    it is actualli in England. and it was closet since one person died of the injuries he got after missing the net on landing.

  3. Steve Says:

    Yes, it’s in England. Not a Japanese human trebuchet at all. In fact it’s not far from where I live in Somerset. And yes, someone died when they missed the net and there was an inquest and almost a decision to close it.

  4. mroblivious1bmf Says:

    whoever does this shit is insane

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