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Renew Your Nicads by Zapping Them

Posted on 28 February 2007

Pretty cool video from Instructables TV. It shows how you can take DC voltage and zap your aging rechargable batteries back to life. The guy uses a MIG welder and renews an otherwise dead nicad. I’m not versed enough on electricty to completely understand how this works but it looks better than my technique which involves repeatedly slamming the batteries into my workbench in frustration. I’ve got two Craftsman drill nicads that are nothing more than paperweights, time to zap em I guess.

Would a car battery work for this as well? Oh, and what about the whole issue of the batteries potentially exploding and you know, ruining an otherwise nice workbench? Any electrically minded readers are welcome to enlighten us. Also the audio is a bit weak, crank it up.

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Laser Graffiti

Posted on 21 February 2007

Damn this looks like fun. I have no idea how it works, well, lasers yes. Beyond that it looks like you need an old RV filled with magical things. Whatever it is, it allows you to write graffiti on the sides of buildings with a laser pointer like gizmo. Clearly these guys aren’t really qualified to use such a cool gadget. I watched the whole video and not once did they graffiti a pair of boobs on the building. Come on, you know you would have done that.

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Japanese USB Powered Facemask

Posted on 20 February 2007

USB Face Mask

As uber proof that the Japanese invent the craziest crap check out this USB powered facemask. Probably not a great idea for climate prone to lightening storms considered your face is wired directly to you box. And how quickly do you pass out if you run the fan in reverse and suck the air from your skull? Read more.

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Skydiver Lives After Parachute Doesn’t Open

Posted on 13 February 2007

While technically this has nothing to do with Gadgets I post on the premise that a better gadget might have kept this from happening. Whatever. It’s amazing nonetheless. Skydiver Michael Homes survives after both his parachutes fail to properly open. Both his own helmet camera and that of his partner filmed the entire accident. The dude landed in a blackberry bush and survived. Pretty amazing video. Nothing to gross or graphic, but if you’ve got a good imagination, his final seconds before hitting the ground might freak you out. Michael Homes is one lucky dude. If you’re up the entire (long video) hit this. The highlight footage from MSNBC is really all you need though.

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Japanese Human Trebuchet

Posted on 11 February 2007

The Japanese are always doing crazy stuff. Take for example this video of a human catapult. Actually it’s a trebuchet. And it looks fun as hell.

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VW Ball Bus

Posted on 11 February 2007

Ball Bus


Artist Billy F. Gibbons created a ball out of a VW bus. Makes me think of a big pill bug. Pretty cool. I can’t imagine it would actually be drivable. Just imagine a giant ball vomit heading down the highway.

Via Coker Tire.

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Bose In-Ear Headphones

Posted on 06 February 2007

Bose In Ear Headphones
If you’re tired of Apple’s earbuds falling out of your ears then give a listen to Bose In-Ear Headphones. They come silicone tips in three sizes to keep them comfortably in your ears. They also makes use of something called Triport® Acoustic Headphone Structure, which is a real fancy way of saying they sound better than your Apple earbuds. I’m curious to see if the wires spontaneously tangle themselves like a giant ball of Christmas lights, like the earbuds do. Love the iPod, hate the tangle.

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