Ice Storm Photos

Posted on 14 January 2007 Tags: Weather

These ice storm pictures are crazy. It would be pretty hard to come up with a description for the level of suck that comes along with having your car incased in ice. Probably the only thing worse would be if you were still in it. I’m not a genius, but I’m pretty sure your defroster isn’t going to cut it. Two more ice storm pictures after the jump.Street covered in iceVan in Ice StormIce Storm BoatIce Storm Cars

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  1. MarkB Says:

    Cool yes, but when and where!?

  2. Brian Says:

    Wow, great shots. That’s amazing, just totally encased in ice. I have been through these Ice storms in Western NY and may have another today as the weathermen are predicting for this morning but we’ll have to see. I’ve never seen anything like this though.

  3. doug Says:

    Ice storm is from Sweden sometime back. The U.S. ice storm this week just got me looking for picts.

  4. erika Says:

    what happens to the cars and boats? are they still working after this? presumably, ice is in the engine too!

    great photos.

  5. Staff Says:

    Yeah, this is not what you want to wake up to if your late for work.

  6. ryan Says:

    man if i was stuck in that i would ov moved to florida

  7. Mr. Ryan Says:

    what a fag 🙂

  8. Peter Says:

    It’s actually Swtzerland not Sweden. The photos are from Jan 2005 in Versoix, Lac Leman, better known to english speakers as Lake Geneva.

  9. Bill Madrid Says:

    Great shots.

    I work for Lakeshore Learning, a developer/producer/distributor of children’s curriculum materials. We would love to use one of your photos for an “ice storm” science card.

    Please let me know if that would be possible and what the compensation requirements might be.

    Thank you!

    Bill Madrid

  10. danielle Says:

    thats amazing

  11. Steve Rush Says:

    These pictures are amazing, yes, but they are not from an ice storm.
    The photos actually show lake spray accumulation on the cars.
    Lake Geneva doesn’t freeze, and the spray from the lake lands on the cars and benches and freezes on them. It’s too bad for the car owners, but they should probably know better.
    An indicator that the ice is definitely NOT from precipitation is the buildings in the background of the photos–notice that they don’t have any ice on them.

  12. sangeeta Says:

    hey… great photo … i love ice sooo much .. please i want to know abt the photos.. but why in 1st 2 photo there is no photi on the building..

  13. 3443iiujkii8 Says:


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