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Upgrading to Windows Vista

Posted on 30 January 2007

Windows Vista was released today. For those of you wondering how to upgrade to Vista I found an instructional video on YouTube that I imagine is a pretty good estimate of what the process will be like. Hey, if this German kid can do it, anyone can.

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The 11 Nail Trick

Posted on 29 January 2007

I’m not sure exactly why you’d really need to balance 10 nails on the head of one, but I guarantee it’s a skill that would win plenty of bets. I say ditch Prince as the half-time show at this year’s Superbowl and let’s try this with 11 cheerleaders. Should work.

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Ray Gun Makes you Feel Like you’re on Fire

Posted on 24 January 2007

Heat Raygun
The military has developed a real life ray gun that can shoot a beam of energy that, while harmless, makes you feel like you are on fire. The beam can be fired from up to 500 yards away and penetrates through your clothing creating the feeling of 130 degrees on your skin. I have a similar weapon that makes women’s clothes actually catch on fire -my good looks. On a serious note, I’ll be up late tonight thinking of about a million ways I could use this thing -starting with the list of hot chicks I’ll get to strip off their clothes.

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Potato Power for your MP3 Player

Posted on 24 January 2007

Knock the eyes off those old potatoes under your kitchen counter. And don’t worry about those failing iPod rechargables. It’s potato power to the rescue. And you might want to polish up that crown as well, because when you whip out a pair of spuds to fire up your MP3 player your definitely going to be crowned king of the geeks.

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Eddie Van Halen’s Frankenstein Guitar

Posted on 22 January 2007

Eddie Van Halen's Frankestein Guitar

Fender Guitars has unveiled a limited edition reproduction of Eddie Van Halen’s Frankenstein guitar. The edition of 300 was announced at this weeks NAMM. Aside from achieving a previously unreached level of ugly, the guitar costs $25,000. Really. It’s an exact replica of a home-built guitar made by Eddie Van Halen. It includes scratches, dings and cigarette burns. And if it’s truly authentic, the sweat of a 100 roadies and bodily fliuds from a thousands of female groupies.

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You Can’t Drive on Ice

Posted on 18 January 2007

Jay Leno played a partial clip of this video of cars sliding around on ice. There’s plenty more icy mayhem in the long version. It’s like watching bumper cars in slow motion, and perfect proof that nature can still kick your ass no matter of big of SUV you build. The video is from Poland so you’d think these drivers would have a concept of how slippery ice is, it’s not like it snowed in Arizona. Although if you visit Sun City where everyone is pushing 100 they pretty much drive that way already.

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Ice Storm Photos

Posted on 14 January 2007

These ice storm pictures are crazy. It would be pretty hard to come up with a description for the level of suck that comes along with having your car incased in ice. Probably the only thing worse would be if you were still in it. I’m not a genius, but I’m pretty sure your defroster isn’t going to cut it. Two more ice storm pictures after the jump.Street covered in iceVan in Ice Storm Continue Reading

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