USB Laser Guided Missile Launcher

Posted on 21 December 2006 Tags: Office, USB

rocket launcher

The ultimate desk accessory to fend off annoying co-workers. The Laser Guided Missile Launcher is USB powered and controlled through your desktop. Reportedly this is the same level of fire power that Sadam’s army had. Well, minus the computer of course. The thing just doesn’t shoot straight when you hook it up to a camel. Get it at

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  1. Gadget Crunch » Archive » Blow Stuff Up With Your USB Hub Says:

    […] This is pretty much the craziest USB device I’ve seen. It’s a hub designed to look like a ‘doomsday’ switch. Complete with buttons, lights, security key and the dreaded launch button covered in a protective plastic box you’ll be set to enter your imaginery launch codes and wage war on, ah, something. For sure the best device to confuse and scare coworkers while actually being productive at the same time. And isn’t that what an office job is all about. The perfect companion to the USB desktop missle launcher. […]

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